Treat Your Feet! 15 Fancy Flip-Flops Under $15

by Ida Hsiang • Aug 6, 2009 8:23 AM PDT

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Treat Your Feet! 15 Fancy Flip-Flops Under $15

Flip-flops, thongs, rubber slippers ... whatever you call them, you can't deny that they're awesome. I'm usually a dresses and heels type of girl. No sneakers for me! But I can't always run around town and complete errands in a timely and comfortable manner if I'm teetering around in heels. I love flip-flops. They're comfortable and you can barely tell you have anything on your feet! I've even gone hiking in flip-flops and felt as at ease as if I had a pair of Nike sneakers on! Another great thing? They're so cheap, with retailers like Old Navy and Wal-Mart offering multiple pairs in every color imaginable for less than it would cost to hop the subway. I personally own quite a few pairs of these rubber slippers in a multitude of colors and I love matching them to a casual jeans and a t-shirt type outfits I usually wear for a relaxed weekend. However, as great and easy as these simple pieces of footwear are, I still run into a dilemma. Sure, flip-flops are comfortable and totally appropriate for just hanging out with family and friends, but what if you have something to go to that requires actual footwear? Most of the time, my feet are too sore from the night before to imagine stuffing them into another pair of stilettos, but I can't roll into a nice luncheon with a pretty sundress and some ratty flip-flops! Luckily, it's summer and designers are offering a great selection of fancy flip-flops featuring jewels, metallics, leather, and other fun and pretty details at more-than-affordable prices. Check out the slideshow for flip-flops that will enhance the outfit without hurting the feet!

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  • idabone says

    ~* metallics are definitely hot right now and I love my flashy accessories! :) Smiling

    92 months ago