Edun's Stylishly Sustainable Fall 2008 'Nocturne' Collection

by Dino-Ray Ramos • Oct 28, 2008 6:25 PM PDT
Edun's Stylishly Sustainable Fall 2008 'Nocturne' Collection

Bono is known for his philanthropic ways, so it's no surprise that he and his wife, Ali Hewson, created Edun, a label that might just be the most socially conscious and civic-minded luxury line in the fashion world to date. "The whole purpose of Edun is to work sustainably in Africa, India and Peru," explains Hewson. "Those communities have people who have lost jobs because companies have moved to other countries for 20 cents less a T-shirt. We feel it's important to stay in those communities and build up trade there because at the end of the day, trade is going to do more than aid. This is a way of trying to balance that and do business on this continent €“ and still make a profit." Edun's Fall 2008 collection, called "Nocturne," is just as appealing as the cause it represents. When Hewson swung by San Francisco to promote the first-ever pop up store at Azalea in Hayes Valley, I had the opportunity to check out the laid-back, yet stylishly brooding "nocturnal" collection. "We just wanted to do a pop up store because we don't have any retail stores of our own," says Hewson. "For us to be able to show the collection in its entirety and get a reaction to the entire collection rather than just single pieces." For all you San Franciscans, the pop-up store runs through Nov. 17, but if you can't make it, Hewson said that they do plan on opening a stand alone Edun store in the future. Till then, check out some of these Edun goodies for men and women in the slideshow.

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