The SHG - Get Snapped For Fashion Week!

by Ida Hsiang • Feb 15, 2011 9:47 AM PST

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The SHG - Get Snapped For Fashion Week!

It's a Fashion Week frenzy in New York right now and while we love seeing what new collections are parading their ways down the runway, it's just as interesting to see what Fashion Week go-ers are wearing to these shows.

We managed to snap a few of our favorite looks from in between shows and on the streets, courtesy of our own Contributing Editor, Geri Hirsch of the popular blog, Because I'm Addicted. Take a look at our tips on how to dress to impress while trekking through city blocks in the extreme New York weather, then take a look at the slideshow to see our fave picks to get the looks for yourself!

The Fur Coat - It's cold in NY, but there's no need to sacrifice luxury for warmth! A thick fur coat (the make great faux-fur pieces these day as well!) is a great way to add decadence to any ensemble while keeping you toasty!

The Statement Jacket - Bold shoulders, edgy style details, crazy colors, unique materials. These are all in style for the fashionably daring and a unique but flattering jacket makes for the perfect statement piece on chilly days!

The Crazy Hot Shoe - It's Fashion Week! And while a pair of flats may be more practical, some killer heels are a must! Really can't walk in stilettos all day? Roll up a pair of flats into your purse, but remember that a hot pair of heels amps up any outfit and adds instant fashion cred. Look for cool color-blocking, architectural shapes and anything that will make you stop and say 'Wow!'.

The Perfect Bag - When it comes to Fashion Week, there's usually a lot of running around involved and long hours out and about. A roomy bag that's also a show-stopper is a must. Look for larger totes and satchels from your favorite designers; it'll be well worth the investment! Anything from a luxurious leather bag to a leopard print affair works, just go with you're own preference!

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