The SHG - 3 Haute Coats For The Holidays

by Ida Hsiang • Nov 23, 2010 4:35 AM PST

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The SHG - 3 Haute Coats For The Holidays

The Holiday season is officially upon us! This means lots of festive gatherings, cheer and good food! And festive gatherings means festive ensembles. But with this season full of love also comes a season full of freezing days and extreme elements. A warm winter coat is the best way to look stylish, stay warm and add a winter touch to any ensemble. A holiday coat should be a style that is classic and versatile, while being flattering and just a touch dressy. We have our three favorite styles of winter coats that'll keep you toasty and tasteful all season long!

Pea Coat - This classic number is a winter coat staple. The thick material keeps you toasty, while the structured look is flattering and versatile. Pea coats can come in varying lengths, but opt for one that is more traditional for a look that's in year after year. The A-line structure makes layering easy and it's unisex appeal makes it equally cute with heeled boots or mens-inspired oxfords! Try a pop color for something a little more unique!

Cape - This style of outerwear is at once traditional and unique. Reminiscent of Christmas carolers, the cape is a look that is very winter appropriate, very cute and extremely comfortable (just remember to find a style with arm holes!) Due to it's voluminous shape, layering is easy, but remember to keep the bottom sleek to avoid looking larger than you are. Try opaque tights and ankle boots!

Long Cinched Coat - The length is flattering and flirty because when paired with knee socks or tights, a long coat resembles a dress and flaunts long legs. The cinched waist creates an hourglass shape and makes for a more dressy style. A long cinched coat can be as casual or fancy as you please. Look for one that's made of canvas or nylon for an everyday coat, or find one with fun embellishments like a fur trimmed collar or covered buttons for a special occasions coat!

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