The SHG - The Best Accessories For Any Day (Or Night!)

by Ida Hsiang • Nov 9, 2010 4:40 AM PST

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The SHG - The Best Accessories For Any Day (Or Night!)

There are many a time when us gals are flipping through a rack or perusing the shelves and come across what would be the perfect dress or top if only ...

Forget about the 'if only' moments in life (or at least in fashion) and add your own accessory to make a look exactly what you're going for. Whether it's a lunch or shopping with your closest girl friends, a day at the office, or a wild night out in the city, our accessories are what helps express who we are and helps complete and polish a look. We've gathered a few quick tips to keep in mind while accessorizing to make sure that your look is perfect (a spiked leather cuff may be wrong for a job interview, but will induce lust from all the other club-goers!), then click on the slideshow to see some fave jewelry and accessory picks!

Daytime Fun - For casual day time activities that have you in a cute pair of jeans and a fun blouse, or a simple and sweet dress, you can have fun with your accessories. Mixed materials, chunky charms and fun colors are all great for a simple day time look, allowing your accessories to really help pull together a look. Large bags are still in and are essential for storing everything you may need. Try suede option to be really of-the-moment!

Workplace Worthy - When it comes to a professional setting, think simple and clean and nothing to overpowering. A few layered long necklaces, a chunky, but minimal cuff or sleek drop earrings help give your workplace attire a touch of personality without seeming inappropriate or distracting. Metallics are in and can be a subtle way to add shine so look for simple accessories that really sparkle!

Girls' Night Out - This is the perfect time to shake what your mama gave ya! And to show-off some of your more outrageous and amazing pieces. A unique pair of heels really spices up a simple black mini-dress, while edgy pieces like leather bracelets or eye-catching earrings really amp up the sex appeal. As long as it looks good, anything goes in this situation so opt for pieces that are real attention getters!

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