The 3 Best Back To School Letterman Jackets!

by Erin Falconer • Sep 2, 2011 7:56 AM PDT
The 3 Best Back To School Letterman Jackets!

Ra! Ra! Ra! The Letterman (or the Varsity, as it is also known) is back.

A classic jacket that was made famous in the 50's, has been reinvented yet again for fall 2011.

Easy to wear and great with both jeans or a cute summer to fall transition dress, the Letterman Jacket is easily one of this season's must haves!

To get you started, we've selected our 3 faves:

The Classic €“ Forever 21 knows a good thing when it sees it, and so leaves their Letterman as close to the original as possible. A+

The Modern €“ Urban Outfitters makes a sophisticated statement with their black on black Letterman, creating a jacket that will easily transition from day to night. A+

The Chic €“ We€™re in love with this super modern take on the Letterman by Philip Lim. It keeps the essence of the classic with a very high fashion twist. A+

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