Daily Obsesh - Pins and Needles Lace Inset Blouse

Although work can be boring, your requisite appropriate attire doesn't have to be! This lovely chiffon blouse from Pins and Needles combines classic-work-clothes shapes with a hip collar detail and a little lace inset at the shoulder.

It comes in two very work appropriate colors (cream and black) so all you need is a work appropriate tank to wear underneath to fight against the sheerness.
We're always on the search for versatile pieces that take us from day to night easily amidst our hecic schedules and this shirt is a perfect piece for that!

Black slacks and cami in the day, then cut to a mini skirt and wedges at night!

So pick one up in both colors, wear it at work, at a party, at lunch with your boyfriend's mom, at brunch with your girlfriends, and cry a little when your new favorite shirt gets sent to the dry cleaners.

Or get one of each color and give one to your mom for Mother's Day!

Urban Outfitters

Price - $59.00

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Daily Obsesh - Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Mens Jacquard Socks

If someone looked at a Navajo blanket through a kaleidoscope, they would find the design on this super awesome sock. Opening Ceremony, the almost nauseatingly hip concept department store found in Tokyo and New York, is working with Pendleton, a nauseatingly hip maker of woolen sartorial treats, to create a capsule collection.

Inspired by tribal designs (much like Pamela Love), together they have created a collection of knit items including these wonderful socks.

The cool thing about socks is their multi-purpose and multi-occasion usage. Whether with Frye Engineer boots at a festival, with Birkenstocks at Burning Man, or by themselves while you're making coffee in the kitchen, this accessory adds pizzazz to the moment.

Treat your feet! And grab your mama a pair too for Mother's Day!

Where to Buy - Bona Drag

Price - $35.00

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Daily Obsesh - Bike iPad Cover

For all your savvy tech geek friends who just so happen to fancy two wheels for their top choice in transportation, Fred Flare has designed what is probably one of the coolest Ipad covers yet!

The 10 Speed Bike Ipad Cover has a super 70s inspired vibe! In a bright royal blue, the protector sleeve is made of stain resistant cotton.

Screen-printed with a bike motif and stripes in orange, white and baby blue, this Ipad cover is totally unisex. Sporty with a retro twist, the cover will not only protect your Ipad, but it'll make you look cool, too!

Where to Buy - Fred Flare

Price - $34.00

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Daily Obsesh - Themis Mobile

Who says mobiles are just for a baby's room? The girls here at the Hive have discovered a modern graphic design mobile that will look perfect anywhere in your home, especially the office!

Graphic designer and illustrator, Clara von Zweigbergk, created the Themis mobile, in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Artecnica, using simple materials of paper, wood and metal.

The bright, cheerful geometric shapes boast neon and fluorescent colors mixed with neutral browns. Hollow and made of lightweight paper, the colorful shapes bounce gingerly like planets floating through the universe.

Sure to add a bit of pop to any room, we are loving it for your home office, or a sunny spot in the kitchen. Baby will love it, too!

Where to Buy - TheFuturePerfect

Price - $27.00

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Daily Obsesh - River Island Floral Halterneck Jumpsuit

There's nothing worse than sleeping through your alarm. And as if being late isn't bad enough ... what if you can't seem to find anything to wear, too?! With every second slowly slipping away, who has time to find the perfect top to match that pair of pants you just grabbed off the floor of your closet?

The ladies of the Hive have a solution! We are stocking our closets with one of Spring's key pieces - the jumpsuit! We're loving the River Island Floral Halterneck Jumpsuit from Asos. In a geometric stripes and florals print, this jumpsuit features a blouson bandeau top with halter neck ties and a fluid wide leg silhouette.

Jump(suit) into this, throw on some wedges and a little linen blazer and we guarantee, you'll be at work before the clock strikes 'late o€™clock!'

Where to Buy - Asos

Price - $80.67

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Daily Obsesh - Block Lamp from Design House Stockholm

What a great feeling to re-decorate you home, as things can get slightly stale year after year. Wouldn't it be nice to walk in the door one evening after work, and be pleasantly surprised at the freshly painted walls, new cozy sofa and gorgeous curtains?

If an all out overhaul isn't in the budget, we suggest just a few new pieces of decor to give the room a whole new feel.

One of our top picks is the Block Lamp from Design House Stockholm. A true design classic since it's launch in 1996, the block lamp is inspired by industrial glass bricks. The bulb is encased in two heavy glass blocks and can then be set on the floor or a tabletop. The lamp is offered with a red, black or white wire and gives off the perfect ambient glow. It's also sure to spark up plenty of conversation!

Where to Buy - Horne

Price - $120.00

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Bag of the Week - Asos Washed Leather Double Zip Satchel

Looking for the perfect carry-all that will take you from the last few months of winter straight through the Spring season? The girls at the Hive have found an amazing satchel that will impress the seriously savvy shopper.

The Asos Washed Leather Double Zip Satchel is both fashionable and functional. Crafted in sumptuously soft washed leather, giving it a much loved, distressed look, the cross-body satchel features double zip details, a top handle, fold over flap and lots of compartments to fill with all your favorite things!

And in a rich chocolate color that almost reads black, you can wear it with everything! Big enough to take to work and yet, sized just right to take with you everywhere else, at just over $100, this beautiful bag is worth every penny!

Where to Buy - Asos

Price - $134.48

Who - Melimeli was the first to add the 'Asos Washed Leather Double Zip Satchel' to the Hive.

Shoe of the Week - Ferris We Who See Suede Ankle Booties

Spring is just around the corner, and fashion followers everywhere will be searching for that perfect pair of shoes to wear with all their warm weather pieces.

From killer clogs to feminine flats and 70's style wedges, there is an amazing array of choices. One of the true stand-outs and a personal favorite of the girls at the Hive happens to be the ankle boot!

The bootie has gained major popularity and is truly becoming a season-less shoe. One of our very favorites is the Ferris We Who See Suede Ankle Bootie. This Victorian inspired bootie features a ruffled ankle band, lace-up front and slight 1.5 inch wooden wedge. This pretty pair will look fantastic with the flowing floral skirts and dress seen floating down spring's runways, as well as 70's flared denim and billowy blouses.

Where to Buy - Need Supply

Price - $27.99 (They were $105.00!)

Who - Melimeli was the first to add the 'Ferris We Who See Suede Ankle Bootie' to the Hive

Daily Obsesh - Emerson Made 1960's Navy & Brass Jacket

Retro 1960's and 70's looks were are all the rage for Spring 2011, and we can't wait to stock our closets with lots of flared jeans, clogs, blousy tops and little jackets! Think Ali MacGraw from Love Story!

One of our favorite picks is the 1960's Navy & Brass Jacket from Emerson Made. Even the simplest tiny tee and flared jeans are elevated to the hippest level with the slim cut and weighty gold buttons of this fitted blazer.

In a lightweight wool blend, you'll wear this jacket now straight through to Spring! Equal parts collegiate cool and Sgt. Pepper swanky, the Navy and Brass jacket will have all your friends standing at attention when you enter the room!

Where to Buy - Emerson Made

Price - $228.00

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Daily Obsesh - Rag and Bone 'Northfield' Plaid Tweed Poncho

The weather has been unseasonably hot here in sunny So Cal, and while we are very grateful for what seems to be an endless summer, the ladies here at the Hive just can't stop swooning over what has to be the best outerwear piece of the season!

Rag and Bone's Northfield Plaid Tweed Poncho makes chilly weather look that much more stylish! This wool patchwork plaid poncho features a shearling lining and genuine leather trim. The hood is detailed with a snap strap closure and arm holes at the front make this piece easy to wear.

Reall ... who wouldn't wish for a little nip in the air for the opportunity to throw this fantastic winter piece on for a snowy Sunday stroll?

Where to Buy - ShopBop

Price - $556.50

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