Bag of the Week: The Cambridge Satchel!

There is no greater staple than a great bag and this season you CANNOT go wrong with the Cambridge Satchel in bright red.
Click Below to see it in all it's glory!

New Facebook App: ShoeDish!! We're in LOVE

So excited to announce the launch of an amazing new Facebook App from our sister site, ThisNext The best part? It's all about shoes!!!
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Trend Report: 5 Animal Print Pants You Need Now!! We're loving these animal print pants and they are most definitely a must have for the season. Skinny, creped, loose and lovely...see what pairs made the cut, below!
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Shoe of the Week: The Tessa Wedge

For the office or a day out and about, we're all about fashion...AND function. The wedge booties is perfect for cooler temperatures and is comfortable enough to rock al day. We're obsessing over this two tone pair by 80%20 that comes in multiple shades and patterns. #win

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6 Scarves to Get Wrapped Up In!

Winter's around the corner? No problem...we've searched high and low to find you the best scarves to get wrapped up in!

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Street Style: Hats Off to Great Style!

Colder weather is here, let the accessories game begin! There's nothing more stylish or statement-y than a great topper - so we've turned to some of favorite bloggers to get to the bottom of what looks best on the top!

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Shoe of the Week: The Suede Clog Bootie

We found it! The perfect fall bootie! Effortless and chic for day or weekend wear, this suede bootie from Madewell totally fits the bill! Whether you're in collage, in an office or in a car on a the way for a vacay getaway, these pretty, little numbers will be your sole companions for a long time to come!

Click to see them in all their glory!

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Shoe of the Week: Top Shop's Blue Velvet Ankle Bootie

We've looked high and low for our favorite shoe this week and nothing impressed us more than this adorable yet super sexy blue velvet bootie. Perfect with a mini or a pair of skinnies, this shoe is an instant classic with a navy blue twist.

Click below for this shoe in all it's fashionable glory!

Trend Report: 5 Must Have Houndstooth Pieces

We love black. We love white. But together? Forget about it!! We can't get enough of this sophisticated british trend that's making time for tea in this fall's fashion slate. From hats to sunnies we've got the top 5 picks you need to own!

DIY Elbow Patch Sweater

This week's do it yourself project takes inspiration from grandpas old sweater. Our version of suede elbow patches are an easy way to jazz up your favorite Fall knits. This style works well on both men's and women's blazers, sweaters, and collard shirts. Take some time this Fall to cozy up with a cup of tea and patch things up.

What you'll need:
1 square foot of your favorite color fabric
A comfy sweater

Step 1 - In Photoshop or by hand, sketch your desired size oval onto paper and cutout your stencil.

Step 2 - Trace the paper oval around your fabric and cut.

Step 3 - Try on your sweater and with the help of a friend or in the mirror pin the fabric to the elbows of your sweater.

Step 4 - Lay your sweater flat and sew along the outer edge of the patches.

Step 5 - Stick them onto your sweater and let those elbows go to work!