Get Beautiful Summer Skin From Head to Toe

Head into the final days of summer with the right products that will keep skin looking and feeling healthy. SPF does the trick when it comes to sun protection, but in order to maintain that luminous glow it is important to incorporate additional skincare treatments into your daily routine. Take your pick from this selection of Sephora products that encourage beautiful skin all season long.

Daily Obsesh - Jemma Kidd Mini Liners

They say the eyes are they window to the soul and there is so much you can tell someone from just a look.

If that's true, then let's accentuate them and make our peepers pop with these Mini Liners from Jemma Kidd!

We love the colored eyeliner trend (Tip - Try lining your bottom lid for an intense and unique look!). This Jemma Kidd liner set is perfect and comes with four different color eyeliners - black, brown, green, and blue. This lets you customize how much intensity you want each time; and since they're all miniature, you can take them with you everywhere and decide as you go!

Now turn up that "smize" ... the world is watching.

Where to Buy - ASOS

Price - $22.41

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Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

Facial and spa treatments that we used to get at our favorite salon are now becoming more and more readily available in at-home versions.

One such beauty product that's effective and super simple to DIY is the facial mask. Whether it comes in mask or peel form, the facial mask is a quick way to rectify any skin type. You just have to know what to look for!

Well, that's where we come in. Check out our tips for the best type of facial mask for different skin types, then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorites!

Normal Skin - This is a simple one! For you, a facial mask should just be for maintenance and prevention. Look for moisturizing face masks chock full of vitamin C or anti-oxidants. Apply a face mask once every 2 weeks.

Oily Skin - Look for a clay mask or a facial peel that will mattify and control shine. Steer clear of anything that's super moisturizing as this can lead to even more shine. Try a mask once a week for optimum results!

Dry Skin - A facial mask once a week can do wonders for dry skin. Look for options that have vitamin E and are highly moisturizing. A quick tip for a little added hydration? Smooth on a dime sized amount of night cream after your done with the facial mask!

Nails Inc Arrives At Sephora With Lacquers From London!

For some reason, American pop culture seems obsessed with our pals overseas. Maybe it's the sexy accents or the simple allure of the unfamiliar, but British TV hosts, singers, actors have taken over the airwaves and the big screen alike.

And the same can be said for our preferred beauty brands - namely nail polish lines! Edgy Illamasqua and the more demure Butter London have already made waves among beauty mavens in the USA, and now Brit-based Nails Inc. has touched down in Sephora stores all over the nation!

Boasting one of the most impressive varieties of hues and finishes we've ever seen (and that's saying a lot!) - from glossy cream shades to shiny metallics and high-impact glitter, it's tough not to be intrigued by what Nails Inc has to offer the makeup superstore!

Either way, if it's good enough to grace the hands of models strutting the catwalks during London Fashion Week and covers of high-fashion magazine covers - not to mention compete with Sephora and OPI's own nail polish line - it's definitely worth taking a gander!

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Daily Obsesh - Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set

Ladies, is it just us or has skin care become something like rocket science?

These days something as simple as washing your face requires a Masters in Biology. With all the polluted air, make-up, and UV rays, skin care is not something to be left by the way side. Especially now, there are so many different types of cleaners and active ingredients, it's become very easy to pick something you don't even need.

We've has come across the perfect solution to simplify your routine. Its called the 'Bring In The Moisture Skin Care Set' by Carol's Daughter. It is a great three piece set that includes a face wash, toner, and lotion.

The set fights the harsh environmental agents while keeping pores tight with antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It also moisturizes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles with aloe vera, jojoba, camomile, and ylang-ylang oils. All these and more amazing and natural ingredients will keep your skin fresh and glowing with out killing your wallet.

Where to Buy - Carol's Daughter

Price - $50.00

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Beauty Pick Me Up - 3 New Looks To Try This Week!

We've all got our morning makeup routine down pat. Face, eyes, lips ... out the door!

But why not switch it up a little and give your look a makeup makeover? It's not just fun to spice things up and try out a new look, but you may be surprised with all the compliments you get!

When it comes to beauty, it's all about looking your best; When it comes to mornings, it's all about the quickest and easiest ways to save time. We were inspired by backstage beauty at fashion shows and narrowed down three must-try beauty looks that are fast, simple and perfect for day!

The Bold Lip - There's so many bold lip colors in style right now - Cherry red, hot pink, orange-red - and it's such an easy trend to try!

Let the bold lips take center stage and keep the rest of your makeup simple with just mascara or a thin line of eyeliner and a touch of bronzer. Then using a freshly sharpened lip liner, carefully line the outside of your lips. Fill in with your desired color, blot and go!

For extra shine, add a coat of clear gloss.

Vibrant Eyes - Beauty is all about balance. Play up your eyes and tone down the rest of your makeup to make them really pop.

Choose a vibrant shadow or shadow palette. We love teal or violet. The sweep over you lids, with the lighter color first and the darker shade in the crease.

Add a thin line of eyeliner and finish with a layer or two of volumizing mascara. Complete the look with a nude or peach lip and a touch of blush at the apple of your cheeks.

Bare-Faced Beauty - There's an art to making it look like you have no makeup on when you do. Start of with a tinted moisturizer and a little cream blush to give your skin a dewy look.

Using an eyeshadow that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone, sweep across your lid and blend. Line your lids with a thin line of eyeliner and a few coats of lengthening and defining mascara.

Fill in your brows lightly if needed and finish the look off with a peachy pink lipstick or gloss. Fin.

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Lip Shine - For Soothed, Shiny, Scented Lips!

Let's get something straight - the last thing my makeup collection needs is another lip gloss that I obsessively collect but won't actually use.

But if you're a gloss fiend like me, you know you're inevitably going to buy more lip products despite your better judgment, so the least you can do is limit your spending to quality products that multitask!

Take L'Occitane's Pivoine Flora Lip Shine, for instance. The shimmery, lightweight formula, which ranges in shade from shiny nude to ripe ruby red, doesn't just provide the perfect sheen of flattering tint, but also pampers lips with soothing properties for a smooth application and soothed lips!

Infused with peony extract, the Pivoine Flora non-sticky gloss contains peony extract for a delicate floral scent and to protect and pamper lips, helping them look and feel fabulously smooth the more you wear it! If this triple-duty lip shine isn't worth adding to your never-ending collection of makeup, you might as well give up the gloss cold turkey!

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Beauty Pick Me Up - Best Bargains Under $20

Every girl is guilty of spending more than they mean to on beauty items ... and we wouldn't have it any other way.

With all the different products for lips, eyes, face, nails, lashes ad so on and so forth ... plus all the colors and consistencies, it's no wonder we always find ourselves perusing the beauty aisles!

But getting high-quality makeup and beauty products doesn't have to come with high price-tags. We've found 11 of our favorite high-end, low-priced beauty items (all under $20!) that are sure to lift your spirits!

When you're having a bad day, or just in a mid-week slump, it's amazing what a new lip color or nail polish can do to help give you a pick-me-up. Click on the slideshow!

Beach Beauty with Jemma Kidd

Looking good at the beach can seem a challenging proposition ... especially at the beginning of the summer.

International make-up artist and award winning product designer, Jemma Kidd, offers tips for the beach-bound to feel confident and ready for the summer months ahead.

To get started, 'Mix a little body shimmer into sunscreen to prevent skin from looking dull, and use make-up to define the eyes and add a healthy glow.'

Jemma Kidd gives us tips on how to look good for a full summer day! From lounging on the beach, then from beach to bar, she's got the insider beauty secrets!

Read more by clicking over to our friends at Couture in the City!

Attention STYLEHIVE!: Meet Rihanna With Nivea's #SKIN2SKIN Challenge!

We love Rihanna and not only for her music but also for how beautiful she is!

One of Rihanna's greatest assets? Her smooth flawless skin. It only makes sense that Rihanna and Nivea would team up to bring to you the #SKIN2SKIN challenge to celebrate 100 years of skin care.

Simply submit your photo for the challenge and automatically be entered for a chance to meet Rihanna! More details here.

And that's not it! Exclusively for our Hivers - we have 2 tickets to Rihanna's concert on July 21st in East Rutherford, New Jersey! They're great seats (within the first 15 rows!) and it's so easy to enter!

Simply answer this question in comments below - What's your favorite Rihanna song?

*This Contest will ONLY provide €œwinner€� with concert ticket(s). You MUST have your own transportation. You MUST have your own LODGING. You MUST be 18+.