A Salute To Desert Boots

Do you ever think you've discovered an up and coming trend, only to then see it everywhere? That's what I've been encountering with desert boots! Desert boots can be seen as 2010's answer to the 2009's oxfords. The menswear-inspired boot adds a rugged look to any outfit. You might be familiar with the original Clarks desert boot, designed in 1949 by Nathan Clark. The simple, durable boots were worn by British Army soldiers in Egypt during World War II, and gained popularity with the mods of the 1960s . Today, desert books are worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, and lend a laid back look to outfits. Wear them with jeans or a flirty dress when the weather heats up for an unexpectedly sophisticated touch. Typically found in neutral shades of khaki, brown, and taupe, one of my favorite picks is the Bronx women's "Double Take" desert boot, which comes in bright red and sky blue! Take a look at my slideshow to see more!