Summer Must-Haves From Fresh Independent Designers!

by Jennifer • Jun 14, 2009 9:22 AM PDT

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Summer Must-Haves From Fresh Independent Designers!

I'll admit it -- I've spent the last four months hidden away inside my Toronto apartment just waiting for the warm weather again. Time not wasted though -- I've been keeping busy head-starting the season by staking out my summer wardrobe! After all, who doesn't love online shopping? With careful consideration I was able to sift through all of my options and weed out my absolute summer must-haves from the pages and pages of things I loved but could realistically live without for now (I guess). If you haven't given yourself the same ahead-of-the-season jump start on your summer shopping, don't fret! There's still some time to get some advanced shopping done online. And hey, you could also always last-minute shop online from the poolside! Personally, I'm prepared to spend most of my summer outdoors, so I chose some key pieces that should carry me through both in style and with comfort. For further inspiration, check out the slideshow for some Designers Connect-approved summer staples and get ready to enjoy the sunshine with fashionable friends!

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