Stylehive + ThisNext Join Forces!

by Sabrina Yeung • Feb 1, 2010 11:24 AM PST

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Stylehive + ThisNext Join Forces!

We have exciting news for Hivers today - Stylehive has recently joined the family of ThisNext is for aficionados of new unique design products to discover the products, brands, trends and people that shape the future of what's next.

In addition, a new parent company has been launched: Curatemedia, a corporate brand that will operate ThisNext and Stylehive. The mission of Curatemedia is to develop brands that help consumers discover and shop for products that they will love. By connecting shoppers to communities of passionate consumers, Curatemedia helps answer the simple question, "What should I buy?"

So check out, and keep a look out for collaborations, more features, and a continued dedication to making shopping online as fun and exciting as possible. Thanks for hiving!

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