Latest Project Runway Cast-Off Will Show at New York Fashion Week!

by Sabrina Newman • Jan 25, 2008 11:46 AM PST
Latest Project Runway Cast-Off Will Show at New York Fashion Week!

On Wednesday night's episode of Project Runway, the seven remaining contestants were presented with clothesline upon clothesline of Levi's denim and challenged to snag as much as they could to create an iconic denim look that captures the spirit of the 501 legacy. Ricky was determined to blow everyone away and prove that despite his repeated stints in the bottom two, he deserved to be there. Christian complained a lot. Chris had a tête-à-tête with his garment. Rami was self-assured, as always. Sweet P reworked her entire concept in response to Tim Gunn's horrified reaction to the original one. Victorya seemed really bored. And poor Jillian teetered on the brink of a nervous collapse for the duration of the challenge as she raced against the clock to bring her complex vision into fruition.

Fortunately, Jillian's blood, sweat, and tears (literally) weren't shed in vain, and although the judges - with guest judge Caroline Calvin, Levi's SVP - found her look overly ambitious and unfocused, she heard the magic words 'you're in,' and instead, Victorya got the boot on account of her uninspired look.

Stylehive just spoke to the ousted designer to get her take on what happened.


Stylehive: What were your thoughts on the Levi€™s challenge?
Victorya: Well I wasn€™t really inspired by that challenge. Christian and I shared very similar sentiments that it€™s just not very fun to deconstruct and rip up jeans and make something out of it. It€™s certain something I did in high school. I think he mentioned the same thing. Coming off of what was a great challenge-the avant-garde challenge, it was a little bit of a disappointment

Stylehive: If you could go back, would you do anything differently?
Victorya: I don€™t know, I guess I never really put that much thought to it because when I left, I just felt like it was time for me to go. I was ready to leave at that point. I knew that the competition wasn€™t for me. It wasn€™t how I felt when I went into it, I was definitely thinking very much along the way that I would try to do as much as possible to go to Bryant Park. But funnily enough, by the time I got to the Levi€™s challenge and I got kicked off I just thought "this is it, this is what was meant to happen."

Stylehive: So I guess you weren€™t too fazed when you were in the bottom two?
Victorya: Well I put it this way, you probably know more about the show than me to be honest, a lot of the people have followed the show from season one and a lot of the people who have interviewed me have generally been big fans of the show, but when Jillian and I were in the top two last week as a team, and they announced that Chris was in, and they left Jillian and I standing on the stage, all I could think of at that point was "wow, this is great TV."

Stylehive: What did you think about the other designers work?
Victorya:With this particular challenge, I kind of go back to what Christian said during the show, which was that it€™s hard to do something when it€™s not very inspiring in the first place, and maybe that€™s the test of a really great designer. But it wasn€™t a very well-conceived challenge, and at this point in the game, when you wanna be showing your stuff, it€™s just not something that€™s conducive to that, let€™s put it that way.

Stylehive: So I€™ve been hearing rumors that you€™re going to be the mystery Project Runway designer showing at Bryant Park, true?
Victorya:I€™m not going to be showing at Bryant Park, but I am part of the fashion week calendar, so I€™m showing Friday the first, so that€™s a week from now!

Stylehive: That€™s incredible! How did that opportunity come about?
Victorya:Well it was my initiative; I€™ve been working on my own line since I left the show, so that€™s it really. No one knew who I was until two days ago, once I got kicked off the show, so I€™ve just been lucky, I guess, in certain ways, but I think a lot has to do with just hard work.

Stylehive: So what can we expect from this line?
Victorya:It€™s probably a departure from what people saw of my work in the show. There€™s a lot more tailoring involved, the men€™s tailored look which is a hot trend right now, but that€™s gonna continue on until fall. Lots of jackets and pants, it€™s a bit darker. I think I had always been sort of pigeonholed as a dress designer, and dresses are actually one of my least favorite categories! People say that I do it well - and I love wearing dresses - but I find the hard pieces, like jackets and coats and thinking like that, to be a little more challenging, so I think that€™s one of the reasons why I tried to tackle those. So I hope it€™s good!

Stylehive: Of the remaining designers, who is your favorite?
Victorya:I don€™t think I€™m saying this because of personal bias, but I really think Christian is probably my favorite as a designer because he has such a unique vision. It€™s very fresh, it€™s a new take. He€™s also very uninhibited as a designer and I think in certain respects that€™s very, very good because it allows him to express his creativity more than more seasoned designers. And I think he also has a very good sense of taste. Maybe it€™s because I understand his sense of taste a bit better, but I think overall, he probably has the total package in terms of aesthetic, taste-level, talent, and execution.

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