Style This! We Create Two Outfits With Parker's Super Cute Bow Pocket Tank

by Lisanne Silverman • Jan 13, 2010 4:16 PM PST

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Style This! We Create Two Outfits With Parker's Super Cute Bow Pocket Tank

Ever pass on a super cool item at your favorite store because you just didn't know how you'd ever end up styling it? Or... did you buy it anyway with the hope you'd magically find the inspiration for how to wear it... you know, as you're rushing to get dressed for work in the morning? Say no more. Stylehive's newest feature, "Style This", is here to help with all of your what-to-wear-with-it needs. Whether it's a closet staple in need of some fresh outfit ideas or a completely wacky top that's equal parts stylish and bewildering, we'll hook you up with awesome outfit ideas, plus where to buy everything you need to rock it. Read on for this week's "Style This" pick!

This adorable bow pocket top by Parker is as cute as it is out-there, and basically looks like a candy store threw up all over it (and I mean that in the nicest way possible.) However at $150, it's not exactly pocket change (though by the time spring really rolls around, I'm hoping it's on sale), so you need to be able to wear it more than one way for it to be worth the price. Outfit number one gives the top a casual twist, with white denim (spring is coming!) and a little bit of lace for fun. Our dressier look relies on a blazer and dark denim, with edgy accessories to offset the femininity of the top. Check out how we styled the top, and then click the slideshow to find out where to buy the looks!

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