Structurally Streamlined Bags from GRETCHEN

by Lesley Scott • Jan 12, 2011 1:29 PM PST

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Structurally Streamlined Bags from GRETCHEN

Emphasizing sassy sculptural silhouettes, the German-born designer behind Gretchen, Anne-Christin Hofmann, creates geometrically-shaped bags in luscious leathers that are loaded with carefully thought-out details.

Her knack for ace accessories is probably due to her somewhat 'unfair' advantage - she grew up in the warm, leathery embrace of her family's leather-goods store, Otto Kessler, playing hide-and-seek with her brother in between the piles of skins and shelves filled with finished accessories.

And as a teen with a talent for sketching and a growing interest in design, her nappa leather & ponyskin glove quickly became one of Otto Kessler's runaway best-sellers of the year.

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