Street Style - We Heart Trousers

by Ida Hsiang • Mar 7, 2011 6:15 AM PST
Street Style - We Heart Trousers

Jeans will always be a staple favorite and leggings seem to be here to stay ... but there's a new pant style in town and we're loving it! Trousers are back in style and these menswear inspired bottoms are the sleeker more dressy way to go!

With so many styles available - high-waisted, tapered leg, paper-bag waist - you're sure to find a look that's flattering for you! Look sharp and business chic and wear a pleated pair with a blazer or button down, or make your trousers stylish for the street with a loose silk tank and layered accessories!

Amp it up by trying a pair in a bright pop color for spring or in a crazy cool ethnic print. Metallic finishes and leather are also wonderful ways to make your trouser look that much more unique!

It's safe to say that we definitely 'heart' this new pants trend! Click on the slideshow to see some faves!

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  • Poptarts says

    love the red ones ;) Winking

    73 months ago