Street Style - Our Favorite Fashion Week Trends!

by Ida Hsiang • Feb 21, 2011 5:52 AM PST
Street Style - Our Favorite Fashion Week Trends!

Now that Fashion Week has come to a close, it's time to sort through the cacophony of styles and trends and find which ones are the favorites! There were countless new looks, materials and style details that we're dying to try for ourselves, but after much deliberation, we've narrowed it down to these five must-trys!

And while we love a lot of these runway designers, we're not always so crazy about the high price tags. Take a look at our favorite NYFW trend choices and click on the slideshow to see how you can get the look for yourself at more affordable prices!

Fluid Trousers - We don't have to say goodbye to the skinny leg, but we're excited to give a hearty 'welcome back!' to trousers that are more fluid in shape and fabrication. Materials with lots of movement and more voluminous silhouettes are a chic look for an afternoon with the girls or for work! Just make sure the top isn't too voluminous itself for a more balanced look.

Skinny Belts - Wide waist cinchers were all the rage and while creating a waistline is always a good style, the extreme sizes of belts have become more demure and versatile. Medium and skinny leather belts were seen worn over large ponchos or roomy tops, lending a more sophisticated vibe.

Leather Dresses - Not for the faint of style! Leather dresses are a definite up-coming trend and we love the edgy daring look! Leather is a tough and sexy material alreaady so keep it classy with slightly higher necklines and lower hems. Avoid pairing them with leather jackets and boots and opt instead for more feminine pieces to help soften the look.

Plaids - They're back! Since the 90's influx of plaid patterns, plaid has been a trend that's been creeping around the corners and never quite disappeared from the style scene and now they've returned with a vengeance! Large plaid patterns on everything from ponchos and outerwear, to skirts and tops, were seen all over the runway and we're loving it!

Quilted Outerwear - Another remake of a 90's trend, the quilted coat or jacket is the more chic and sleek version of the puffy jackets from yester-year. It keeps you warm and the new modern styles are more streamlined and flattering. Brrr ... we think we need one stat!

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