Street Style - Channeling The Olsens!

by Ida Hsiang • Jan 24, 2011 6:01 AM PST
Street Style - Channeling The Olsens!

Who doesn't absolutely adore the Olsen twins? We've watched them grow up into beautiful young women who have a real knack for fashion. Their unique styles and successful labels, Elizabeth & James and The Row, have made them into fashion darlings that we just can't get enough of (Karl Lagerfeld loves them!).

The greatest thing about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's style is that it's wearable and comfortable while being undeniable stylish and fashion forward. To emulate the Olsen's look, think black, oversized and extreme silhouettes. Plus a fearless attitude when it comes to clothes!

Here are a few key pieces to try that'll help you adopt that Olsen vibe! Just don't forget your Starbucks cup!

Oversized Draped Tops - Whether it's a large tee, or a voluminous sweater, a draped and worn in look is the quintessential Olsen topper!

Massive Bag - Huge bags (and sunglasses!) are signature add-ons for these girls! If it looks like you could live in it, you're on the right track!

Leather(ette) Skinnys - Sleek and tough, these edgy bottoms give a rocker vibe to any ensemble! Plus, they perfectly balance out the oversized tops and purses!

Wide-Leg Pants - When not in black leggings or pants, these girls often go towards the other extreme and don flowing, wide leg trousers. A frilly white button down is their favorite pairing with these bottoms!

Faux Fur - The bigger and shaggier the better! The large fur vests and stoles worn with casual pieces make for an extremely chic but effortless look!

Chunky Accessories - Think thick chains and cuffs, multiple rings with large stones and many many long layered necklaces. A little gothic, a little romantic rocker ... a lot of fashion savvy!

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