Street Style - Bag Ladies

by Ida Hsiang • Dec 20, 2010 4:58 AM PST

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Street Style - Bag Ladies

It's fun to add to your collection of heels and boots, or perhaps it brings you joy to see your beauty drawer filled with all the latest products. But if there's one thing that a gal can never have enough of, is bags!

A bag or purse has the ability to completely change the feel of an ensemble, taking it from casual shopping day to casually chic evening. With all the different styles, shapes and fabrications out there, how do we decide which style we should try first? We've gathered our five favorite handbag styles and tell you how to wear them too!

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Leather Brief/ Messenger Bag - A borrowed from the boys look that is classic, polished and highly practical. Perfect for professional purposes or as an everyday bag. Keep it shiny and new for a preppy look, or opt for a worn leather version for a nonchalantly hip feel!

Embellished Purse - These styles can be as girly or edgy as your style seems fit. Details like studs, fringe, ruffles, ribbons and other embellishments make this bag the statement piece of the ensemble. Look for a roughly medium sized bad to avoid design details taking over the purse, or the purse taking over you!

Oversized Bag - There's something so appealing about a handbag that's bigger than most downtown studios. Perhaps it's the ample storage, the stylish proportions, or just looking tiny in comparison! Whether you opt for a leather version, or a canvas one, let the shape remain slightly slouchy to avoid looking like you're carrying around a stiff shopper. Also look for a version with many compartments and zippers to make finding things easy!

Crossbody - So cute. So convenient. Sometimes an oversized bag is great. Sometimes you just need a little something to keep your essentials close. The most popular bag trend right now, crossbody bags come in a variety of colors and designs so it'll be easy to find one to suit your style! Keep it at a modest size and sling these babies over your shoulder or 'cross the body and you're ready to go! For a truly classic vintage appeal, look for quilted versions with chain straps, a la Chanel! A great option for day or night!

The Whimsically Funky Purse - This is the bag that let's others know who you are! Whether it's in a small crossbody style, or as a huge tote, the purpose of this bag is to express yourself! Pop colors and patterns, unique style details and fun shapes all make for eye-catching statement bags!

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  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    :x Love It! I personally like a bigger purse that can put all my necessary items in it. A bigger purse comes handy especially when travelling:x Love It!

    76 months ago