Street Style - Androgynous Good Looks

by Ida Hsiang • Dec 13, 2010 5:10 AM PST
Street Style - Androgynous Good Looks

Androgyny has long been a sexy look that isn't as in your face as a leg baring mini, but has an appeal all it's own. With the likes of David Bowie, Agyness Deyn, and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall pioneering for the androgynous look and becoming sex symbols for it, this is a style worth giving a shot.

Sure, boyfriend jeans and blazers have become a casual staple, but to nail the androgynous look, really step it up and commit. It's about looking neither male nor female ... just fashionable!

Ruffled blouses, cigarette pants, fitted blazers, shiny oxfords and sharp fedoras are all easy ways adopt a stylish look that is neither masculine or feminine. Also try oversized sweaters or worn denim for a casual take or add suspenders for a funky touch!

Keep hair sleek and slicked back and make-up to a minimum. Try just a bold red lip or a stick to a severe smoky eye to add just a touch of powerful femininity. Chain jewelry and chunky pendants are a great way to adorn the ensemble. Click the slideshow for some fave picks on how to get the androgynous look just right!

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  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    I am so happy to see your above introduction about androgyny look. I am always fond of Androgyny look. it is good to know Androgyny good look can be a sexy one too....(+) Totally Agree!

    76 months ago

  • idabone says

    I personally am a fan of the androgynous look, but I agree that adding a few more sleek and feminine pieces is also a great look! It's a fun style to try from time to time, but I also really enjoy my girly pieces too! :) Smiling

    76 months ago