Get To Know... Designer Stephanie Tran Of Duskin, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

by Anna Yu • Nov 17, 2008 10:16 AM PST
Get To Know... Designer Stephanie Tran Of Duskin, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

Stephanie Tran's debut collection for her label "Duskin" hasn't even hit stores, yet she's has an already impressive background in fashion. Prior to launching her own collection she was an editor at Vogue in addition to designing for retailers like American Eagle and Forever 21. Now she's making it on her own with Duskin, a collection of versatile pieces like fitted blazers, slouchy tank tops, wide leg trousers, and delicate dresses. It's no wonder Steven Alan immediately picked up her collection. Her spring line won't be available until February and I'm definitely snapping everything up the moment it comes out! Read on to learn more about Stephanie, and check out the slideshow for a peek of her upcoming collection!

Stylehive: Give us a mini-background of your beginning.
Stephanie: I've been in fashion for about 10 years, in various capacities- shopgirl, fashion special events, magazine editor, designer... When I was a shopgirl, I would wear some of my own designs and people just started asking about them, and eventually I made some things to sell here and there. It wasn't a business at the time, but more of a fun side project. I'm very lucky- I don't have much formal training in design, but I've been given amazing opportunities to learn hands-on.

Stylehive: What are your inspirations?
Stephanie: I'm a visual person, so pretty much everything I lay my eyes on becomes fodder for some kind of inspiration. I don't have the best memory, so I always have to write things down or take pictures on my phone.

Stylehive: What's next for you?
Stephanie: I like to have lots of projects to keep myself motivated, so there's quite a bit.
Spring '09 production, Fall '09/'10 designing, and putting up the Duskin website.
I'm also working on my Duskin blog which really started as a place for me to store the various inspiration I find while online. It's come to mean a lot more to me now because I actually have an audience, and it's so great to be able to share your visual/mental thoughts and know that people care. It's also an excuse to stay online for just another minute...

Stylehive: How do you feel about being The 'Next Big Thing?'
Stephanie: Flattered, honored, and suddenly very shy...! There's a lot of amazing talent out there, so it's really just nice to be recognized and know that other people enjoy what I do. Thank you, Stylehive!

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