Smooth The Summer Season Out With Matte Nails!

by Amber Fijolek • Jun 30, 2010 1:19 PM PDT

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Smooth The Summer Season Out With Matte Nails!

Demure is a sexy quality. That's why subtle style is the perfect component for your off-the-page personality -- too much glitz and it'll overshadow the real you! Painting your nails in matte colors is the perfect understated way to show some class. The non-reflective, wall-lacquer like polish is summer's coolest nail trend. Glossy and lustrous finishes have their place, but sometimes the look can come off gaudy, and even worse, messy. For an everyday chic, smooth and creamy lacquer creates a clean look that's sharp on its own accord. Matte finishes are also great for nails that you don't have time to treat -- the simplicity of the look is a great way to cover-up flaws, as more glittery polishes tend to draw attention to un-buffed fingers. With your nails matted, they never feel slimy, like with most other sparkle paints, making your nails feel closer to their natural, naked state. Take a peek at these slideshow of matte nail lacquer versions to find out just how wearable the un-shiny paint can be!

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