Sitting Pretty: Chic And Comfortable Tufted Furniture

by Anna Yu • Sep 17, 2009 10:08 AM PDT

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Sitting Pretty: Chic And Comfortable Tufted Furniture

Unlike many of my friends, I actually like firm furniture and beds. If I sleep on a soft and mushy bed, I wake up with a sore back. Guess I could blame it on my semester abroad in Taiwan where I slept on a bamboo mat for four months. Hard as a rock beds and wooden furniture are now my priorities when shopping for my home. That's when I discovered the beauty of tufted furniture! I know tufted pieces can seem really old fashioned and taken right out of Versailles, but I can imagine just getting one or two and having it look super chic with my minimalist (read: IKEA) furniture. Best of all, it's a nice balance between firm and soft. I really like the convertible couch found over at PB Teen which doubles as a sofa and a full size bed, and this velvet ottoman from Brocade Home which does triple duty as an ottoman, coffee table, and extra seating. I can imagine Goldilocks finding tufted furniture "just right." Take a look at my slideshow for more!

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