Shopping Alert! Get Married To The Mob's Edgy Holiday Collection At Karmaloop Now!

by Karmaloop goodkarma • Nov 5, 2008 4:15 PM PST

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Shopping Alert! Get Married To The Mob's Edgy Holiday Collection At Karmaloop Now!

"Men are the new women" was the tagline for Married to the Mob designer Leah McSweeney€™s Summer '08 collection. It's pun-intended catch phrases like this one and the infamous "Supreme Bitch," a play on the men€™s streetwear label Supreme, that spark much controversy amongst the fellas in the T-shirt game. Always one to challenge the status quo, Leah says she definitely designs "for girls who are not afraid to speak their mind. I think girls are always taught throughout life to act a certain way and please other people, and I think you should be pleasing yourself." Talk about girl power!

Leah developed the idea for the brand after realizing there were tons of great men€™s streetwear labels out there but nothing available for the ladies. Coined M.O.B., the brand is dedicated to the NYC native€™s closest counterparts, her "most official bitches." Growing up in the Big Apple, Leah claims, "You€™re as only as good as the crew you run with."

Married to the Mob€™s holiday collection is available for purchase at Karmaloop now! The collection consists of cashmere-blend sweaters featuring updated versions of the brand's signature screen-prints and graphics; the classic sweater and leggings cleverly incorporate the letters spelling the coined phrase €œmost official bitches€� dispersed throughout the body. The four-leaf clover print from the fall is back and updated onto silkscreen jackets. The M.O.B. Classic Bomber is a hooded wool blend coat with a bomber style fit that features the €˜puckered lips€™ logo on gold buttons and printed on the inner lining for a cute and updated look that is festive for the season. For a taste of the holiday collection lookbook, check out the slideshow!

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