Shoe of the Week - Tieks

by Susan Yara • Jul 11, 2011 3:18 PM PDT

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Shoe of the Week - Tieks

Okay, there's no doubt that we love our sky-high heels - whether they're chunky or super stiletto. But, that also means we know how uncomfortable they can get. Hey, they never said comfy shoes were hot, right? No pain, no gain!

So for those moments when you have to walk further than five feet or just want to give your tootsies a break, may we suggest you keep some of these adorable and fun-colored flats around in your bag? We realize they're a tad pricey, but we love the soft leather they're made with and all the vibrant colors you can choose from.

Plus, they're actually padded to give your feet some support, unlike the other fold-out flats that feel like you're wearing socks. These actually make sense. Ya, dig?

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Price - $145.00

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