Shoe Of The Week: Alexander Wang 'Freja' Laced Stiletto Boot

by Ida Hsiang • Jun 29, 2010 6:27 AM PDT

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Shoe Of The Week: Alexander Wang 'Freja' Laced Stiletto Boot

Another hot shoe from Alexander Wang and this pair of 'Freja' Laced Stiletto Boots are the definition of the word. While I was a little iffy on the last pair of Alexander Wang shoes that we introduced (the clog-inspired witch shoe, 'Abbey' Ankle-strap Sandals), I have no doubts about how I feel about these leather boots. I love them! They come in black or olive green leather, both playing up it's tuff-gal, military aesthetic and the zipper down the center plus the corset-like lacing is both sexy and cool. It comes with a peep-toe front and fold-over leather panels, letting you style it the way you prefer. Totally hot for a summer night out, and transitions perfectly into the cooler days afterward. Plus, while they're a little steep in the price range, you can easily find a pair that's going for less! This saucy little number also comes in a striped canvas version for a less rocker-chic, but just as hot look!

Price: $975.50
Where to Buy: Polyvore
Who Found it: Idabone was the first to add the Alexander Wang Freja Laced Stiletto Boot to the Hive.

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