Shades For Summer Are Ready For This Jelly!

by Amber Fijolek • Jun 11, 2010 1:22 PM PDT

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Shades For Summer Are Ready For This Jelly!

With all the summer sun, it's hard to make your eyes pop underneath your sunglasses. But with this season's hot trend of jelly-colored shades, you're covered eyes will get more attention than ever! Jellies for your feet, wrists and other accessories have already found their home in your mod collection, and now they're finding their way to your face! Jellied sunglasses' transparent nature make the sun's glimmer reflect right on through to bring a blingin' new glow around your UV-protected lenses. Their water-like lucidity make them a perfect surf-side beach companion! Cellophane-like colors such as subtle yellows and ash-grays are easy to toss on with your everyday summer look, while more the electric blues and pinks are a more spunky way to brighten up an outfit of the same flashy ilk. No matter what spectrum you choose, the almost-iridescent, icicle look always looks great with a tan! And when your obscured eyesight needs a little break, pushing those little sunnies up for a arest on your crown couldn't be a cuter headband alternative. Get some of the summer's most shimmering shades and peek through the slideshow at these crave-able pairs of see-thru sunglasses!

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