Sequins Finally See The Light Of Day!

by Alex Gambardella • Jul 16, 2009 2:17 PM PDT

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Sequins Finally See The Light Of Day!

Maybe I'm easily distracted, but I'm just naturally drawn to sparkle. All a shirt needs is to be bedazzled in sequins, twinkling at me from its hanger, and I'm instantly a sucker! So you can imagine my delight when I started noticing that the flashy sewn-on embellishments, once reserved for dressy nights out on the town and mermaid costumes, are becoming increasingly wearable for all hours of the day, showing up on summery dresses, floaty tunics, and even casual cropped vests. I guess someone finally came to their senses and realized that daytime is the time to get the most sparkle from their shiny sun-reflective surfaces! So don't worry about feeling like a disco ball -- indulge in your love of sparkle, whether just with a shimmery neckline or a fully sparkled sheath, and get your shine on all day long with some of my favorite pieces in the slideshow!

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  • cecudahy

    cecudahy says

    Sequins are the perfect way to add some glam--I completely agree! I have been eying this blouse with a bit of sparkle detail at but I am not sure if this would be too much to wear during the day. What do you think? Claire

    93 months ago