Say Hello To Retro Cut Swim Suits!

by Pauline Montupet • May 8, 2009 10:22 AM PDT

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Say Hello To Retro Cut Swim Suits!

Despite what may be going on in Brazil, the trend this spring isn't squint-and-you'll-miss-it bikinis. This summer it's all about the pinup-girl-inspired swimwear: high-waisted bikinis, sweetheart necklines and hourglass silhouettes. These vintage inspired bikinis are perfect for playing some beach blanket bingo or hitting the hottest luau. Inspired by fabulous pin up girls of the 50's and surf goddesses of the 60's these bikinis have a sweetly sexy vibe, proving that sometimes less skin is more. Elizabeth O'Brien Berg, a line based out of Brooklyn, NY is a great line of vintage inspired cut swimsuits. The suits are cute, sexy, retro, ruffled, and slightly vampy. Even Victoria's Secret has hopped on the retro sexy trend with great and affordable suits. If you have a boyish figure, look for suits with a high-waisted bottoms to give you that hourglass shape. Lacking a bit on top? These retro bikinis with ruffles and bows on top are perfect to give a little oommph. Check out the SLIDESHOW to view more modern-day pinup style bikinis in stores.

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  • theweather

    theweather says

    Interesting post, it takes a certain type of style to pull off retro on the beach but it's a good look when it works! There is a guide of which types of swimwear suit different body types here: for those not sure if this look will work for them.

    95 months ago