San Francisco Fashion Week: Structurally Sound

by Lisanne Silverman • Aug 26, 2007 3:16 PM PDT
San Francisco Fashion Week: Structurally Sound

Friday night's five collections at San Francisco Fashion Week were all about structure, which was especially refreshing when it came to the dresses- I was wondering when they€™d start actually having shapes again! The show started off on a very strong note with Dcepcion, where clean lines and expert tailoring made the shirtdresses, clingy knit dresses, and fitted jackets really stand out. I€™m generally not a fan of the look of leggings, but it definitely worked when paired with a shirtdress and heels.

Next was Wee Scotty, the children€™s collection that definitely garnered the most awwws that night! My favorite look there included a gray halter dress reminiscent of Chanel paired with a bright pink shrug to keep it youthful, and who could forget the terrier at the end dressed in a kilt and the skirt made entirely of Dreyer€™s ice cream containers!

At Kirribilla, a collection inspired by old time Hawaii, models sauntered down the runway to relaxed island beats in flirty frocks where ruffles were a-plenty. Shown first were trapeze beach wraps, followed by beautifully cut day dresses and finally, curve-hugging cocktail dresses made from the same casual fabric as the others, capturing perfectly that laidback Hawaiian vibe. Coconut buttons topped off the lovely Lanikai collection.

Big hair was back and the frizz ran wild, much like the crowd when EVarize€™s models rocked the runway in her figure-flattering designs. That included a denim wrap-around, which was part sculpture and part hoodie, and a red and white ensemble with high-waisted pants (perfect!), a fitted top, and stilettos. She definitely deserves that €œBest Women€™s Clothing€� award for the East Bay Area that she won this year!

Ending the shows was Missing Piece, a design collective showcasing the work of Lara Grant, Jeremy Parr, Monica Wontorski, and Molly Rebuschatis. Dresses with just enough pouf were paired with vests and ankle boots for a unique look (think Urban Outfitters meets Marc Jacobs). Bright prints on contrasting matte solid backdrops, outrageous ruffles, and tiny bubble skirts emphasized the fun in being a little over the top (sometimes!).

The most interesting part of the night was seeing the brightly painted Adidas paired with beautifully tailored jackets and pants on the men in Parr's collection for Missing Piece. I don€™t know if I€™ll ever see that again, but it added such spunky personality! Remind me to meet a guy confident enough to rock that look. And I€™ll definitely be investing in some structured looks- they make such a statement and will be perfect for fall.

Well, that wraps up Friday night! Let me know what you thought of San Francisco Fashion Week this year in comments!

Picture: top, right to left: shirtdress and knit dress by dcepcion, halter dress and shrug by wee scotty, royal blue 'kona' day dress, green 'hula' cocktail dress, and black 'pele' cocktail dress, all by kirribilla. bottom, right to left: denim suit by jeremy parr, missing piece. brownie dress by monica wontorski, missing piece. house dress by lara grant, missing piece. denim wrap and oil print tank, with white shorts, 'RED' wool cach'e, 'RED' jersey pant and black dress shirt, all by EVarize.

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