Recession Chic - The Non-Bikini For $100 Or Less!

by Ida Hsiang • Jun 7, 2011 3:04 PM PDT
Recession Chic - The Non-Bikini For $100 Or Less!

Summer is here and that means sunny days, long balmy nights, no school, family vacations and swimsuit season!

Many of us, however, have mixed feelings towards the infamous 'swimsuit season' with an emotion that hovers somewhere between excitement and dread. We've all been working hard to try and get our bodies into tip-top shape and ready to flaunt in teeny-tiny swimsuits, but perhaps you're not quite there yet, or the idea of strutting your stuff in a skimpy two-piece is just more than you want to bare.

No worries! With shapely one-pieces and sexy monokinis, you can show off just what you're comfortable with while hiding the parts that are still undergoing a little fine tuning!

Plus, when it comes to swimwear and our wallets both, more is less! Check out our fave pics for flattering one-pieces and monokinis at $100 or less!

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