Recession Chic - Maxi Skirts At $100 Or Less!

by Ida Hsiang • Mar 1, 2011 2:37 PM PST

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Recession Chic - Maxi Skirts At $100 Or Less!

When they said that the hem line of skirts were lengthening for spring, they weren't kidding!

Going along of the 70's revival trend for spring, maxi skirts have a carefree bohemian feel that is reminiscent of the Age of the Aquarius and look amazing when paired with a loose sheer blouse, or, for a sleeker look, with a tucked-in fitted tee and structured cropped jacket.

Love the new maxi skirt trend but still want to flaunt those gams? Try a long skirt made of a trasnlucent material that gives you coverage while still showing off those legs!

We're definitely ready to give this longer hem trend a try but don't want to blow our entire checks. Just click on the slideshow to see our favorite maxi skirt trends for $100 or less!

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