Recession Chic - Espadrilles For $50 or Less

by Ida Hsiang • Jun 23, 2011 2:55 PM PDT
Recession Chic - Espadrilles For $50 or Less

So ... what exactly is an espadrille, anyway? There's wedges, flats, sandals ... all claiming to be an espadrille!

Usually made of cotton or canvas fabric on the upper, espadrilles are also being seen made in (faux) leather and other materials. What makes an espadrille is the rope or hemp detailing used on the bottom portion.

Fashion History NewsFlash!: Espadrille is derived from the Catalan word esparto, which is a strong wiry Mediterranean grass used to make the rope found on the earliest espadrilles.

See? You learn something new everyday! And now, as a tribute to this classic summer shoe, check out our slideshow of all types of espadrilles!

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