Recession Chic - Denim Jackets For $75 Or Less

by Ida Hsiang • Jan 14, 2011 3:17 PM PST
Recession Chic - Denim Jackets For $75 Or Less

Let's bring it back to the classics with a versatile denim jacket! The thicker material, fitted cut and collar of a denim jacket makes it easy to throw on and add a little structure to any ensemble, while the jean fabric gives it a casual vibe.

It's an All-American look that transcends generations and trends and every girl needs a comfy style in her closet! You can get as crazy as you please with color and style details, but there's nothing better than the classic blue denim, cropped and buttoned jean jacket. Plus, the longer you own one, the more worn they get, adding a great vintage vibe and making them more and more comfortable and you don't have to spend a fortune!

Click the slideshow to see some of our favorite denim jackets, some classic some unique, but all for $75 or less!

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