Recession Chic - Stylish Brogues For $75 or Less!

by Ida Hsiang • Jul 19, 2011 2:43 PM PDT
Recession Chic - Stylish Brogues For $75 or Less!

As much as we love to strut our stuff in our stilettos and wedges, sometimes our poor feet deserve a break!

Flats are cute, but take a cue from the boys and try a pair of stylish brogues instead! It's a more unique and dapper look that mixes menswear with lady-like casual perfectly.

These lightweight shoes work for summer and then transition effortlessly into the cooler seasons. Go as simple or embellished as you please and scope out a pair today!

Plus, this fashionable footwear doesn't have to cost you your savings account! Click on the slideshow and take a look at our fave picks for stylish brogues for $75 or less!

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  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    Good to know the flat shoes are in fashion.:x Love It!

    69 months ago