Recession Chic: Blazers for $75 or Less!

by Lisa Topiol • Oct 15, 2010 3:25 PM PDT
Recession Chic: Blazers for $75 or Less!

Blazers: the ultimate transition piece to evolve your wardrobe from balmy nights to crisply cool days. Nights are definitely getting cooler, so blazers are the perfect piece to give any outfit a touch of sophistication and keep you warm in the process! Is there a super cute new tank you're dying to wear to work, but need to stay covered up? Throw on a blazer and you're looking super chic at the office, and as evening rolls around, toss the blazer and you're ready to get your happy-hour on!

A cute blazer it highly versatile so look for a style with a great fit and flattering lines, and you'll be throwing it on all throughout the season! Ready to broaden your cooler weather outerwear collection? From flirty fun to sailor chic, we've got you covered! Click on the slideshow to see some fave blazers for $75 or less!

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