Recession Chic - Back-to-School Basics Under $50

by Ida Hsiang • Aug 16, 2011 2:28 PM PDT
Recession Chic - Back-to-School Basics Under $50

Did you enjoy your summer? It went by so fast didn't it?

Sigh. Now that classes are about to start again and you're cramming yourself back into a teeny tiny dorm room and stocking up on instant noodles and coffee vouchers, why not re-stock your back-to-school wardrobe too?

Platform pumps and embellished dresses and skirts are a little inappropriate for English 101, but you don't have to be stuck in the same hoodie and jeans all semester either! Look for stylish pieces that are comfortable, versatile and ... most importantly for all college students ... a good deal!

Take a look at our picks for must-have back-to-school basics that are all under $50!

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