Recession Chic - All Grown Up For $40 Or Less!

by Ida Hsiang • May 3, 2011 4:34 PM PDT
Recession Chic - All Grown Up For $40 Or Less!

Remember how stylish we all were as kids without even trying? Slap bracelets and jelly shoes were all the rage! These days, we can still partake in these nostalgic trends with kiddie-inspired pieces that have gotten a grown-up makeover!

From stirrup leggings, BFF necklaces and bedazzled items, we've gathered our favorite childhood trends and found super cute, super fun ways to wear them now that we're all older and a little chic-er!

And just like when we were younger, the piggy bank is all you need to afford these nostalgic-with-a-modern-twist pieces! Click on the slideshow for our fave choices at $40 or less!

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