Recession Chic: 10 Summer Hats Under $50!

by Amber Fijolek • Jun 29, 2010 1:20 PM PDT

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Recession Chic: 10 Summer Hats Under $50!

With the amount of money that goes into your hair, who wants to spend just as much to cover it up? But that's no reason to go hatless! There's always good reason to wear a hat in the summertime! To keep the sun out of your face, to cool down that hot body of yours, and of course, style! Straw materials, oversized and barely-there brims and straps are some of this summer's hottest hat trends -- and all of them can be found at prices that won't take you all summer to save up for! Hats are synonymous style for things like a day at the beach, shopping crawls and summer road trips, and when you're saving up for doing fun summer activities like those, it would be silly to splurge when you don't have to! Visit the slideshow to fall in love with one of these hats under $50 and pinch your pennies for something else this summer!

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  • shoesb2

    shoesb2 says

    81 months ago

  • vanwoods says

    This one looks better, i would suggest light volor hats that does not pass sun rays. choosing light color hats like white, yellow, pink color are better for summer season.

    81 months ago

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