Raquel Welch Shares Her Secrets to Ageless Beauty

by Shira Levine • Jan 3, 2008 4:18 PM PST
Raquel Welch Shares Her Secrets to Ageless Beauty

In addition to attaining immense success as an actress, Broadway star, author, entrepreneur (who hasn€™t heard of the Raquel Welch Wig Line!), and more recently, as the fourth MAC Cosmetics Beauty Icon, 68 year old Raquel Welch has withstood the test of time and is still SMOKIN! I think the question on everyone€™s mind is: how does she do it?!

Stylehive sat down with this unstoppable Renaissance woman to investigate. Read on to see what she had to say about style, men, getting older (and in turn, looking younger), and feeling self-conscious.

Stylehive: You are such a fashion, style and beauty icon, how do you define the style of Raquel Welch today?
Raquel Welch: Style is a whole kind of package. I just try to be myself on purpose.

SH: How do you choose jewelry to wear and to buy?
RW: It depends on the event. Well, I love H. Stern. I just bought a beautiful charm pendant. I like very delicate chains hanging off earrings. I like very big and important Indian pieces of jewelry. But for every day I just wear thin, baby gold loops, and a little tiny, tiny pendant on a gold chain.

SH: So you buy your own jewelry? You don't have a policy of only wearing jewelry men buy for you?
RW: Yeah, that's right.

SH: What is important for men to understand style-wise?
RW:I do think that on dressy occasions, men should refrain from expressing themselves too much. I think they ought to stifle themselves and get into the wonderful monkey suit that we all know and love and looks fabulous on everybody. When you see them at these big affairs and someone decides, "Oh I can do this!" and you go "No, you can't really do that!

SH: What is too much?
RW: I just think the tux with a bowtie is a classic. I think that works for special events. I don't like the Nehru collar, the no tie, the midnight blue tuxedo €“ any of that. I don't know. I don't think it looks cool.

SH: What are you working on these days besides being the new face of MAC cosmetics?
RW: I'm developing a pilot on Lifetime. It's about women who are older. It's just about how we are. How crazy and how scary and nutty and fun and adventurous it all is when you get to be at a particular age."

SH: What kinds of scary things?
RW: Everything changes. Your life is never the same. The things that interest you and the men that you are interested in aren't the same. A lot of younger guys might pursue you, but you might feel self conscious about it because they might be the age of your son! I found that to be the case. It makes you feel self conscious.

SH: Do you prefer to date men your age?
RW: I don't know. I just finished being married to a man 15 years my junior. He's a great guy and everything, but it just wasn't going to last ,actually.

SH: What's your secret to looking so young?
RW: I think it's basically attitude. For exercise, I do two hours of yoga, cardio and weight training, six days a week. And I stay on a ridiculous, horrible diet that I loathe and despise.

SH: Do you allow yourself an indulgence?
RW: I love a burrito!

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