Enter To Win A Handbag From CHia New York, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

by Lisanne Silverman • Dec 8, 2008 11:55 AM PST
Enter To Win A Handbag From CHia New York, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

CHia New York designer June Chang is no stranger to the details- as a child, it was her grandmother who taught her of their importance- and it was June's early introduction to this facet of design that has undoubtedly led to her impressive contributions to the handbag scene since the debut of her first collection, a mere two years ago. Vintage charm, modern sensibility, and a dash of European flair lend a one-of-a-kind feel to her handbags and clutches, while luxurious Italian leather and gold tone hardware demonstrate the remarkable quality her handbags maintain, collection after collection. We talked to June about her start in the handbag industry, the designers she loves most, and what she has in store for CHia New York. Click the slideshow, read on for the interview, and then scroll down to find out how you can enter to win a CHia handbag (worth over $500) for yourself!

Stylehive: Where do you get ideas for your handbag designs?

June Chang: I get my ideas for my handbag designs from my grandmother's vintage and her own designed jewelry collections. My grandmother was a jewelry designer. As a child, she always encouraged me to study the small intricacies in accessories as well as the different colors and textures that make a piece unique. I love incorporating unique materials into my designs to create contrasts but also at the same time to reach a balance so each style is not overly designed.

Stylehive: How do you find new inspiration for each bag, each collection?

June Chang: I find my new inspiration for each collection by traveling or going to art exhibitions. I travel 4 times a year. I always have my notepad, pencils, sketch book, and camera with me to catch any special moments. I love to visit local markets, churches, temples and galleries wherever I visit. I love taking pictures of anything that has caught my attention and review all the images the same night to find any interesting inspiration for my collections.

Stylehive: How did you get your start in handbags?

June Chang: My grandmother was not only a jewelry designer; she was also a vintage jewelry and handbag collector. As a child, I used to sketch her collections while waiting for my mom to pick me up after work. My grandmother always asked me to point out the focal point on every piece and if that also turned out on my sketch, even those small intricacies. That was my first click with handbags. Therefore, designing handbags was my only thought when I decided to go with my intuition.

Stylehive: Who are some of your favorite handbag designers/designers in general?

June Chang: Handbag designers: Valextra and Judith Leiber. Fashion designers: Comme des Garcons by Rei Kawakubo and Lyell by Emma Fletcher.

Stylehive: Describe your latest collection.

June Chang: My latest Spring '09 collection is called "Empower." It was inspired by the vintage perfume bottles I collected on my trip to Venice in 2003. The vivid, jewel-like colors, curvy silhouettes and rich textured leathers are the key elements of my collection. CHia New York aspires to empower woman to feel confident and feminine just like her favorite perfume.

Stylehive: What are some of your future plans and goals for CHia?

June Chang: I truly feel that fashion accessories play such an important role in our life. The mission of CHia is not only creating beautiful and practical fashion accessories designs, but also making those designs into reality with superior craftsmanship. I'm currently learning and working on a mission with my grandmother €“ creating a contemporary fashion jewelry collection under CHia New York in the future. My goals for CHia are making a woman fall in love with our collections and feel good about herself when she is wearing CHia.

***Want to win the CHia New York 'Yarnie' handbag (a $517 value), pictured above? Follow the instructions below:

Go to the CHia New York website: www.chiainc.net. Click on Collections, and tell us which handbag (style AND color) is your favorite, and why.

We'll pick a winner on Friday, so enter now! Good luck!

Shopping tip: CHia New York handbags are now available for purchase on StefaniBags.com!

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  • amycroley says

    My favorite Chia handbag is the Anna in Metallic Gold. The Anna bag is a glam little number that would I would carry to add some sparkle to the humdrum everyday errands and for an evening out I would remove the detachable strap to carry it as a chic clutch. Coco Chanel said "Every girl should be two things classy and fabulous." And so should your handbag!

    101 months ago

  • faith24 says

    I like Fiona in red color... I have long been looking for a perfect holiday bag and red seems like a natural choice. It's dramatic yet very classic and matches with most neutral colors... The shape is also very fun and unique, and I also love twisted handles... All in all, this designer have achieved a very stylish look:)

    101 months ago

  • faithschroeder says

    I like Nora in dark brown. It looks big and slouchy and glamourous! A perfect travel bag, and I like the gold zipper on it. And a detachable shoulder strap? Sold.

    101 months ago

  • ronjon123

    ronjon123 says

    love the nora in dark brown. i never won anything, and this wikk make me feel like amillion bucks. any bag is so beautiful, i would love to win anyone!!! please think of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

    101 months ago

  • MizWoody says

    Gina in Red! It's nearly perfect. You wouldn't be overdressed taking it to work, but it would work beautifully as an evening clutch (love the detachable chain handles) particularly for the holidays. The look is sleek and tailored, but that big bow makes it ultra-feminine.

    101 months ago

  • jennakharris

    jennakharris says

    My favorite bag is the Farah in charcoal. It's a convenient size. It could easily go from day to night and would be just as cute in either!!

    100 months ago

  • nova7star

    nova7star says

    My favorite is the Farah in Navy. That bag can hold all your necessities and then some. No need to carry an additional tote. Plus it super cute, has great hardware, can be worn on your shoulder or arm. Talk about convience AND style. I want one now. immediately!!

    100 months ago

  • heathermjschmidt

    heathermjschmidt says

    love love love the Farah. Both colors sound super chic. Form and function - wear to work and play. It looks well made and the design seems thoughtout. I would definately wear this bag, and fool everyone into thinking it cost thousands :)

    100 months ago

  • nicolemorey

    nicolemorey says

    I LOVE THE ASIANNA BAG IN RED!!! It is gorgeous! It is very multi-functional for work, evening and casual. Would look great with a pair of jeans and boots or would even add a great accent to a simple work suit. You can tell that the quality of the bag is amazing even just by seeing it online. The bag is obviously big enough to fit everything you would need in any circumstance which is fabulous! I absolutely LOVE it and would be thrilled to win the bag so that I can introduce people to this great line of bags by CHia New York! =)) Hilarious =)) Hilarious

    100 months ago

  • cjohnson

    cjohnson says

    I like the CHIa Asianna bag in Charcoal! This would look great with jeans and even business attire! It's gorgeous!

    100 months ago

  • bloodhnd2

    bloodhnd2 says

    THE Nora Bag is it! Perfect for everything....

    100 months ago

  • lauren14

    lauren14 says

    I really like the Anna clutch in metalic silver! Its perfect for all the events a girl has to attend during the holidat season

    100 months ago

  • tholix

    tholix says

    I'm really digging the Chia Elisa bag in Red or Yellow...it's a toss up and I just can't decide. I love the size of the bag, it's great red and yellow colors pop and would look great with a pair of jean or a cute dress and leggings. Thank you so much for a lovely contest and a wonderful opportunity to win ! Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!

    100 months ago

  • tokitokar

    tokitokar says

    I love the Elisa in dark brown. I love the chocolaty color and the textured design. It is pretty & handsome all at the same time! An adjustable shoulder strap makes it that much more appealing. The whole line is great. Thank you!

    100 months ago

  • Shamushka says

    :x Love It! I'm LOVING the Fiona bag in gray - red is nice too but I can see myself getting more use out of the gray bag because it's so versatile. The braiding detail is fantastic, in luxurious leather - gotta have it!! The entire collection is gorgeous - thanks for the opportunity - have a happy holiday everyone!! ;) Winking

    100 months ago

  • zoehunter says

    The Fiona in grey is gorgeous, what nice detailing. Really nice bags, thanks for sharing them.thanks for a fab contest.(+) Totally Agree

    100 months ago

  • Soos

    Soos says

    CHia = lovely handbags! While the charcoal "Farah" is my everyday choice, "Ima" in red, is the OTHER side of me - that bow, those straps! Mahalo for the contest.

    100 months ago

  • ktkatherine says

    I love the Gina bag in brown. I think it's such a great, classic look and I love ANYTHING with bows on it! :-)

    100 months ago

  • GeneriOnline says

    I love the Moca bag in grey. It's a great size and the pocket details are awesome!

    100 months ago

  • underthestar says

    Oh my... I loveeeee Fiona Bag in Gray. I think it's multi purpose (multi functional) perfect for work, play, evening and casual. It's gorgeous!!! :x Love It! :x Love It! :x Love It! ;) Winking

    100 months ago

  • empresshouki

    empresshouki says

    My favorite is the Luca in Red. I'm totally into functional handbags with certain 'requirements' that must be met (by me) ;) Winking. This bag meets my 'requirements': 1) roomy and easy to carry, not a whole lot embellishment 2) light enough to carry since I tend to carry a lot in my purse 3) wide straps. yes! so the bag won't slip off. :) Yep! I'm all for the Luca.

    100 months ago

  • mmechou says

    Ima, in yellow. Without a doubt. From the eye-catching color, to the woven, chain-like strap - Chia's Ima purse screams "Look at me! Or don't. I don't care." A woman clutching an Ima need not wear any other accessory. She could clutch it wearing jeans ala Katie Holmes, or her favorite LBD. Confident, trendy, happy.^^ Hot!

    100 months ago

  • Grannyvon

    Grannyvon says

    I love the Fiona Italian Buffalo Purse in Red. This purse is so rich looking the leather is so smooth and the red color just pops. You could carry this when you dress up or carry it wearing jeans. Its just a great purse. It is not too large not too small to be functional. (But.. I love the giveaway purse also. It would probably be my first choice)ybutler@oppcatv.com

    100 months ago

  • morrisstephanie

    morrisstephanie says

    Fiona in Gray. This handbag is just gorgeous. It's big enough that I can put all my essentials in it, and the shape is so fluid. It can be used for the office, evening, and goes even with casual looks. Gray is definitely the new black.

    100 months ago

  • Tameeky says

    Wow! They are all beautiful, but my Favorite it the Fiona Bag in Grey. Very big and fashionable for this Winter. I Love it!

    100 months ago

  • patziv

    patziv says

    Beautifull details and inviting to touch! I prefer the Farah in gray! It has my requisite outer pocket and seems roomy enough for every day without the weight and overload option to break a back.

    100 months ago

  • nonstpcute

    nonstpcute says

    I have to have the Moca bag in gray!!!! What a gorgeous piece of work!!!! I love it because it is large so it will hold everything I need, has front pockets for essentials like keys and phone, and will make me look like a million bucks!!! It is stunning!

    100 months ago

  • LilyBiscuit7 says

    I love Fiona (Italian Buffalo) in gray! I need a gray bag and this one is really beautiful. I would use it for every day and more! |-D Beautiful

    100 months ago

  • rubylemon

    rubylemon says

    I am truly coveting the Ima bag in yellow - that's the flirtiest style I've seen in a long time, yet the smooth leather finish makes it sophisticated, and the lovely golden yellow makes it chic. It would glide from fall colors into winter (with a navy blue single breasted slim coat) and even take you into spring, if a newer CHia bag wasn't in the budget. It's absolutely my favorite. Rubylemon

    100 months ago

  • star3770

    star3770 says

    My favourite is the Luca in black. It is the perfect size for a versatile handbag. You can wear it as a day bag but it can also glam up as an evening bag. And it looks fabulous!

    100 months ago

  • rsthayer

    rsthayer says

    My favorite is Elisa Italian Buffalo/ Italian cowhide in the dark brown. I love a bigger bag and it could be used everyday ! I would love to have a designer bag and this one does not look to glitzy , just the thing for me.

    100 months ago

  • Califragilistic

    Califragilistic says

    I am so in love with the ELISA in RED because it's chic and stylish just like me!;) Winking The ELISA is definitely a stunning, attention grabbing bag!

    100 months ago

  • skeetersden

    skeetersden says

    Love love love the Fara in Charcoal. I am drooling over the styling of this, and have been so longing for a fabulous looking satchel. It is a perfect size and I like that it has a detachable shoulder strap. Easily used for day and evening. This bag hag would be uber thrilled to own a CHia!!!! What a great giveaway, thanks so much! skeetersden[at]gmail[dot]com

    100 months ago

  • skeetersden

    skeetersden says

    Love love love the Fara in Charcoal. I am drooling over the styling of this, and have been so longing for a fabulous looking satchel. It is a perfect size and I like that it has a detachable shoulder strap. Easily used for day and evening. This bag hag would be uber thrilled to own a CHia!!!! What a great giveaway, thanks so much! skeetersden[at]gmail[dot]com

    100 months ago

  • susanja

    susanja says

    I like the Gina in red. Very classy and ladylike.

    100 months ago

  • septemberlovely

    septemberlovely says

    I love the Farah in Navy! It's gorgeous! I love how it has the detachable shoulder strap so you can carry in hand or on shoulder. It's a perfect size...not too big, not to small. I LOVE IT!! I hope hope hope I win this cuz the bag you win is capital G Gorgeous!!

    100 months ago

  • rosmoj

    rosmoj says

    Love the Moca in gray. The studs make it tough but the gray color subverts your expectations making it way more interesting than the usual black w/ silver stud combo.

    100 months ago

  • OULori

    OULori says

    :O Surprised I ove the fiona in grey!!! Maybe I hsould put this on my wish list for dear hubby he says he wont buy me any more coach maybe he will buy me this!!

    100 months ago

  • rcinnam

    rcinnam says

    All the Chia bags are beautiful, but I love the Fiona Italian Buffalo in Gray. The braiding is a great detail, yet it's basic enough that it matches any outfit. You could even tie a scarf on the strap or pin on a bold rhinestone broach. Gray is very in this season, and this is a great way to do it in a bag... bring it to the office every day or dress it up for evening! It works everywhere.

    100 months ago

  • starsmom

    starsmom says

    I love the ELISA bag in Red........I prefer the soft, but structured look of this bag.......and Red is a day brightener in winter. All of the bags are very nice, but this is absolutely my favorite! Happy Holidays!

    100 months ago

  • kybrdplyr

    kybrdplyr says

    Elisa in Red. The red looks like cherry cola, delicious and completely edible! This bag's contrasting elements, horizontal and vertical, are soft yet sturdy and could be worn with virtually anything, down or up style, creating a powerful, firey tableau.

    100 months ago

  • stylorita

    stylorita says

    The most lovely bag in the collection has to go to be the red "Gina" bag. First of all, the gorgeous italian leather adds a touch of luxury to the already beautiful design. The vibrant red colour and decorative bow is just perfectly suited to my current, festive holiday mood, and the gold chains make the purse timelessly elegant. And if that wasn't enough, the chains are detachable, making this adorable purse a fancy (and spaceous) clutch. Just perfect!!!

    100 months ago

  • iowagirl301

    iowagirl301 says

    The ultimate bag shown in the collection without a doubt is the red Asianna, it's gorgeous, it's elegant & classy enough to take for a night out on the town, but yet it can still be paired with jeans or any even professional wear. This is something every woman should own. I think this piece in particular showcases the entire collection.

    100 months ago

  • syeietlhv says

    I think the navy Farah bag of Chia's collection perfectly represents what the designer set out to do- it's a perfect mix of classy, hip and practical. The structure of the bag, the gold accents and soft leather make it a great example of timeless design, yet there's a certain vintage-y feel to it that just makes it very hive-worthy. I'd expect to see it in the arms of a trendsetting celebrity! |-D Beautiful

    100 months ago

  • amwhiteh

    amwhiteh says

    i love the asianna in gray! it seems like it's the perfect size (big enough for a book and water...) and would go with everything.

    100 months ago

  • nanja

    nanja says

    I like the Elisa It is a perfect size for a handbag and I like the adjustable shoulder strap Marvelous color selection I would like the Dark Brown I like the ribbed surface of the bag ,gives it a different look

    100 months ago

  • designsbyericakortz says

    I love the "Moca" in red. It has a wonderful design to it. Very detailed. I love it in the color red to have the handbag pop against an awesome outfit.

    100 months ago

  • shel704

    shel704 says

    I love the Farah in Navy. I like a bag that can be used as both a shoulder and a satchel with a handle; they're so much more versatile. The navy is perfect for everyday use and the bag is large enough to hold everything I need. I like the gold accents on the buckle and straps, they catch my eye.

    100 months ago

  • TrayMona

    TrayMona says

    I like the Ima in Dark Brown. I like the detachable shoulder strap so that it can be carried as a clutch as well.Very versatile that way. And the bow accent makes it feminine and stands out. I also like the look of the leather itself, a little used looking, not shiny.

    100 months ago

  • HipMomEB says

    My favorite is the Fiona, in grey. It has a classic shape but interesting details that give it a bit of an edge, so you can really wear it with everything. I love that in a bag! That, and the butter-soft Italian leather :-)

    100 months ago

  • cats4me

    cats4me says

    I love the fiona bag. It is a great balck color with enough room for my things and the braiding really accents the purse. HC voorhees nj

    100 months ago

  • vnssa906 says

    My favorite handbag from the collection is Farah bag. Like myself, it is very different and stands out from the rest. I love that is has dual handles; you can sling it over your shoulder or use the satchels to swing it around by hand. :) Both these options are very convienent, especially during the hustle and bussel of the holiday season in NYC.

    100 months ago

  • autumnpines says

    The bag in that jumped off the page for me was the Ima Chia bag in yellow. It has a certain "je ne sais quoi." At least that's what comes to mind when I first saw it. It is chic, yet elegant at the same time. I can visualize myself walking into class (I'm a teacher) and all of (well, maybe not the boys) the 8th grade girls in Academic Advisory saying, "Wow, I love that bag! Where did you get it?":) Smiling It will also make me feel like a professional, classy, and stylish woman that I am. It is the perfect color for my Spring complexion an wardrobe full of warm and/or dark winter clothes.

    100 months ago

  • butterflyrouge

    butterflyrouge says

    I fell for the Fiona bag in grey- it's versatile, but subtly special. I can see it being the perfect finishing touch to many outfits.

    100 months ago

  • marina9277 says

    I really liked all bags in the collection, but the one I cannot forget is the MOCA in Gray. This bag looks like me! ;) Winking The color is perfect for any season, the studs make it look "tough chic" and it's shape is so ladylike! Totally represents my personality - girly but not too sweet. I would wear it everywhere! Though I can't feel the leather it looks like it's butter and that is one of the most important things I look for in a bag. And, it looks roomy enough to carry all my stuff - which is not as much as some of my friends carry with them - but it doesn't consist of only a wallet and keys either. That said, in today's fledgling economy and living on a tight budget right now, I would love to have an opportunity to win this bag. If not, Chia NY website is already bookmarked! :) Smiling

    100 months ago

  • bachyb

    bachyb says

    The Fiona bag in red has the perfect punch of color to jazz up any outfit and take the very lucky wearer from Holly Golightly chic to total vamp. I love the braided details and the hint of retro in the rounded shape. Siiigh, I could definitely imagine toting this around town, day to night, work functions to night-on-the-town with the ladies (and gentleman). Funny, how a bag can start making you think of the oh-so-many varieties of complementary (and gorgeous) outfits you would pair it with. :). For now, I will just keep the Chia NY website open for some mid-day lusting.

    100 months ago

  • awhdarling says

    I love the Gina handbag. I have a thing for bows and I think it is really seasonal. I would want it in red, because it's bold and beautiful! I really loved them all but that would be my fav.

    100 months ago

  • VanessasSecret4

    VanessasSecret4 says

    I think that the "Farah" handbag in brown would be absolutely lovely, as well as classy!!!! The construction of this bag represents the epitome of femininity and I feel that it transcends generations. I would love to pass it down to my daughter....It is THAT beautiful!!!!

    100 months ago

  • Enamored

    Enamored says

    The Luca in black is screaming my name! It is gorgeous and funky and would go so well with so many different things!! I'm DROOLING.....:*8) Great Find

    100 months ago

  • vikkivale says

    The Fiona Italian Buffalo Bag is definitely my favorite. I love the red color, it's one of my favorites and it will certainly compliment any outfit; whether it be casual or dressy.

    100 months ago

  • Celeste60

    Celeste60 says

    Ima in yellow, because it is boldly feminine with the large bow and the yellow color, without being overbearing.

    100 months ago

  • rosiered says

    I'm loving the Luca in red. I love fun bags with a hint of style. B-) Cool

    100 months ago

  • rawlove

    rawlove says

    I love the Fiona in grey because it looks classic. Its the type of bag you could keep in rotation for years and years.

    100 months ago

  • he3artszxo

    he3artszxo says

    I also Love the Nora in dark Brown .. 1st i was looking at the blacks because thats my fav. color but i was like let me check out what everyone else is raving about, and kudos guies great taste i love it so much. I like the fact that its simple yet elegant and you can wear it as shown [ dressy .. or not so dressy , its casual and sheek and id love to have one. =D

    99 months ago

  • kronca

    kronca says

    I LOVE the Fiona in red because it looks like it would go with everything from jeans to dressy! What a gorgeous bag!

    97 months ago

  • udaydream2 says

    My fav is the Fiona style because the braided detail looks luxurious while the soft curves of the dome add a feminine flare to an edgy fashion-forward accessory. I definitely need one of these! :)

    95 months ago

  • 1984520 says

    HI,i want to know that is anybody shop on http://www.mybestfashion.com web-store? i wanna buy a handbag there. CAN ANYBODY GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTION? THANKS

    85 months ago

  • sanejim says

    I think the Sia in Vintage black is stunning and gorgeous because it really pops...and the silhouette of the bag is a unique shape...sexy and sophisticated. I also think a black handbag is a necessity these days because black has always been the most chic color at all times. The Sia is bold with attitude, but also the softer tones of the texture also give the bag a strong impression of sophistication.

    64 months ago