Maxi Dresses For Summer

by Brittani Gattoni • Aug 8, 2011 1:17 PM PDT

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Maxi Dresses For Summer

Ever since the maxi dress became part of the design trends again, hundreds of models are appearing every year.

Considered in the yesteryears as clothing for older women, maxi dresses are now being designed for younger and younger girls. They are increasingly casual, although you can still find some chic formal long dresses around. Designers are giving the maxi dress its original function of seduction and visual attraction.

Maxi dresses are increasingly flirtatious, even naughty. A good example is the Love Sam Strapless dress by Dawn Mayo. This grey-white piece is worn with stylish silk belt. This dress perfectly enhances the natural contours of the body, adding length to the silhouette. It is casual and funky; a light dress for a casual occasion.

Cynthia Vincent€™s Silk Strapless dress is another good example of the way maxi dresses have evolved over the recent years. This dress flows gently to the floor because of its gorgeously designed pleats. This dress is of the formal type, for a high-end social event for example. The maxi dress is also an excellent outfit as an evening dress.

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