Aussie Label Maurie & Eve Is Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

by Amber Fijolek • Feb 10, 2009 9:24 AM PST
Aussie Label Maurie & Eve Is Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

Ever wonder what things are like down under? As if you didn't already wish you were in the land of Oz, just one look at awesome Aussie designer Maurie and Eve's collection and you'll be ready to book your next vacation. This Australian label already has a pretty sweet history, having been inspired by the love of designer Kelly Davies' grandparents, but it's seen through by the camaraderie of family, (brother Scott) and like family, Maya Clemmensen (Scott's girlfriend). The clothes are definitely a far cry from any Crocodile Dundee undertones and are the ultimate in chic fashion. Each piece calls out its own bold character, beach and bohemian-driven with a bit of 80's edge. Their lovely pieces exude a free-spirited confidence that will have you greeting your friends with "G'day" and insisting that they call you Sheila. So, calling all trendy US style-lovers -- allow us to introduce you to a down under designer that's most definitely blossoming. Get a sneak peak at the designers' fun personalities in this interview as well as some of their many addictive looks in this slideshow!

Stylehive: Without a formal background in design, what led you to create Maurie and Eve?
Kelly and Maya: Everyone wants to be able to wear exactly what they see in their mind. We could never find the things we wanted. Kelly started sewing up bits and pieces for herself and when she was spotted in the designs, demand grew. Scott and I came on board and the three of us are now designing and running the business together, selling to Australia, Japan, USA and New Zealand!

Stylehive: Where do you get your inspiration these days?
Kelly and Maya: All over the place. The past, movies, different countries, people. Everywhere you can think!

Stylehive: What is the Sydney/Australia fashion scene like?
Kelly and Maya: It's pretty insane! As in every city, there's always a new club opening, roof top pool parties, beautiful people! Our climate plays a big part in our designing. Our winter is so tame, that the need for coats isn't huge, and girls are in dresses pretty much all year round! We're pretty similar to LA in the beach vibe, casual chic!

Stylehive: What are some of your favorite designers (Aussie/in general?)
Kelly and Maya: Ksubi would be top of our Aussie list... hey are so ahead of the time, it's great to watch! Zimmerman is a must for bikinis and Romance Was Born is so over the top, we love it! Internationally would have to be Gucci, Alexander Wang, Zucca and Tsumori Chisato.

Stylehive: What is the hardest thing about being a designer? What is the most rewarding?
Kelly and Maya: It's hard in the sense that it never stops. You finish one collection and you have to move straight on to the next. It's good though because our designs are so fresh and up to date so it's a blessing in disguise!! The most rewarding parts are being our own boss. We get to travel a lot with it too which is a huge bonus! And its fun!! A lot of people can't say that about their job! So we're pretty lucky in that sense!

Stylehive: We hear there's a men's line in the works! Any other future plans?
Kelly and Maya: We're focusing more on the international market, so that's in the immediate future for us. We've just started selling in Milan, and with the US/Japan/Australia and New Zealand already down, we're slowly getting there!!

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