Make Your Intimates Go Incognito With Our 7 Favorite Convertible Bras!

by Alex Gambardella • Jul 30, 2009 4:24 PM PDT

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Make Your Intimates Go Incognito With Our 7 Favorite Convertible Bras!

Excluding those gals who have the unique ability (and required lack of shame) to go around commando on top, we've all found ourselves in the dilemma of finding a super-cute top or dress... but no bra to wear with it. Since I require some serious support when it comes to my undergarments, I've tried just about anything to make do with what I've got at the last possible minute -- sewing kits, safety pins (why did it take them so long to invent the Brabuddy?), tucking straps into my armpits, etc. -- but now that I'm a little older, I've learned that the easiest solution is to just shop wiser! Why spend money on a separate strapless bra when you could buy the ultimate convertible bra that's both strapless, strapped, racerback, and halter all in one? And instead of resorting to emergency double-stick tape for those how-low-can-you-go necklines, why not just buy a convertible plunge bra that can serve as your go-to undergarment for any cleavage-baring little number? Convertibility doesn't always equal convenience, however, as some crazily-shaped bras can sacrifice much-needed comfort and support, so I've compiled some of my favorites to weed out the good from the gimmicky! Check the slideshow for the best bra finds that will have you appear smooth and strapless in any outfit!

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    ^^ Hot! I love this. It's what I've been looking for.

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