Make Your Home A Soothing Spring Get-Away!

by Stephanie Wong • May 24, 2011 11:55 AM PDT

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Make Your Home A Soothing Spring Get-Away!

Need a getaway pretty much every day? Then it's time to make your home pull double-duty as a spa and a sanctuary!

Inspired by the classic combination of blue and white, modern color palettes and patterns are picking up where Delph blue China left off. Fresher shades and patterns like Trina Turk's Trellis print recall beaches and far-flung tropical travels. You can buy it by the yard and use it indoors, outdoors, a lot, or a little.

For the mellower kind, a trendy chevron print in small doses isn't too 'tribal' or busy, especially if you go with a softer shade of blue.

After all, blue is a universally soothing color, especially when paired with pale colors like grey, whites, and beige. Pottery Barn's beach glass bath accessories will add a lot of luxurious home-spa style to any plain white countertop while still maintaining the calm you need.

Blue and white is a versatile pick-me-up anywhere, so for spaces - or parties - where you want more energy, definitely don't ignore the graphic appeal of West Elm's plates.

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