Let's Style Pop Star Kate Nash, Shall We?

by Myriah Zaytoun • Jan 22, 2008 10:16 AM PST
Let's Style Pop Star Kate Nash, Shall We?

British pop icon slash fashion newbie, Kate Nash is crossing the Atlantic with her infectious lyrics and upbeat sound. There's something lovable about her personality that comes out through her music- and also something quite jarring in her self reflection, detailing the breakdown of a relationship with lyrics like "My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundations, and I know that I should let go..." and "Can't take back those hours but I won't regret 'cause you can grow flowers from where dirt used to be..."

She's a girl on the rise, and with her album debuting in the U.S. now for the first time, with the album "Made of Bricks", she's about to crack open our music scene. Hearing her "Merry Happy" and "Foundations" for the first time being played as the super skinnies walked the runway at the BCBG show in Bryant Park last season, it was inevitable that she be linked with fashion. And because she's so stinking cute I had to have her on the top of my new "Muse-Worthy" list! At only 19 she's got her own pixie-esque sense of style, channeling a whimsical almost school-girl innocence in her vintage-inspired dresses, folksy chopped haircut, and indie accessories.

As a self-proclaimed stylist-for-a-day I've decided to channel Kate's spirit and put together the closet I would imagine her to have.

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