Latest Project Runway Castoff Answers Our Burning Questions

by Sabrina Newman • Feb 14, 2008 5:46 PM PST
Latest Project Runway Castoff Answers Our Burning Questions

Project Runway really threw us all for a loop this season. In previous years, four finalists showed their collections at Bryant Park- the 3 finalists and one decoy. But during this years fashion week, all five finalists showed their collections, leaving us PR fans wondering what was going on. Were all 5 in the running? Were there 4 finalists and one decoy? Did two of the contestants act as decoys? Oh Bravo, why must you toy with us! No one was more excited than me for last night€™s episode, where these questions were laid to rest.

For their final field trip, Tim Gunn took the remaining contestants to the The Met, telling them to choose a piece from one of three wings: the Greek and Roman Sculpture courtyard, the European Painting wing, or the Temple of Dendur, to inspire and guide their final designs. The pressure was on as the remaining contestants set their sights on achieving the ever-so-elusive WOW factor. The judges, with guest judge Roberto Cavalli, gave the win to Christian for his androgynous take on a Spanish painting, with Jillian coming in close second for her stunning ready-to-wear take on the "Master of the Argonauts€� painting (Cavalli even said he€™d love to have her on his staff. Talk about a MAJOR compliment!). Sadly, everyone's favorite tattooed sweetheart, Sweet P, got the boot on account of her peacock-inspired frock deemed 'too commercial.'
But wait, weren€™t two contestants supposed to be eliminated this week? Well that was the idea, but the judges found themselves deadlocked and unable to decide between funny man Chris and draping king Rami- both of whom were praised for fine craftsmanship and criticized for looks that incited waves of Déjà-Vu, and in a runway first, both men were given another chance and told them much create final collections which would determine who would earn the final spot in the top three.
Talk about shocking twists and turns! Stylehive just spoke to Sweet P to get the scoop on this final challenge, and of course, to find out more about her stunning collection at Bryant Park.

Dying to know more? Well, scroll to the bottom and check out our slideshow for Sweet P's full 12-Piece collection.

Stylehive: What were your thoughts on the final challenge?
Sweet P: It€™s interesting watching it last night because my criticism and the reason I went home was because it was something that could go in a showroom and something that was commercial, but to me that€™s the goal. It€™s funny because that€™s what we all strive to do- sell our garments. Yeah, you can do a costume parade every day of the week but you€™re not gonna make any money!

Stylehive: Any regrets about your design?
Sweet P: Honestly, it came out the way I wanted it to. And last night watching it with friends they were all like €˜oh my god I don€™t get it, it€™s very Prada or Marni.€™ Cavalli was the judge and it€™s not his aesthetic- he€™s more over the top. The back of it- which you couldn€™t see as well- was gorgeous. I feel like it€™s very forward, not just €˜oh I€™m gonna be crazy to be crazy€™- that€™s not who I am. I feel like at least I was myself through the whole thing, I didn€™t say €˜ oh I€™m gonna make something crazy and costume-y because other people are.€™ I don€™t believe you have to be the loudest.

Stylehive: How did you feel about Roberto Cavalli coming in as the guest judge?
Sweet P: I was just like, Oh my God! The funny thing watching the show last night is seeing that he had subtitles, I laughed so hard! I was like €˜oh my god it€™s so funny, now I can hear what he really said to me and figure it out!€™ because I don€™t even know what he was saying! I got the gist that he didn€™t love my dress, but that€™s it!

Stylehive: Obviously, you did end up showing at Bryant Park. How did that come about- was it a total shock?
Sweet P: Well I didn€™t know I€™d be showing when I got eliminated- I was actually relieved and I came out and was like €˜yay, I might get a job now and make good money again and move forward with my life.€™ So I got a great job, actually in China, and I got an e-mail saying €˜hey, where€™s your contract for the 12- piece collection?€™ And I was like €˜are you kidding, what are you talking about?€™ So I got that in the mail but I thought it was a mistake. When they were like yeah you have to, I was like €˜Oh my god you€™re kidding!€™ and I came home from China and I quit my job. So I picked up some freelance work doing wardrobe during that time to make money, but I couldn€™t work a full time job and do a 12-piece collection, there€™s no way. At first I was really not happy about it because I was like 'oh god I gotta move on with my life, now I have to do a collection and I can€™t even win, ugh!€™ But in the end, just showing at Bryant Park is winning, so I definitely feel like I won too, not that I€™ve done the collection and I got great reviews. I did what I do- sell-able clothing that women like.

Stylehive: What was the inspiration behind your collection?
Sweet P: I don€™t really go by theme, but I pick a muse, and my muse this season was Lee Miller- she was a model, muse, and she was also a photographer herself. She was very modern- I mean she dated tons of guys, she was flying here and there, she was gorgeous, she was not afraid to stand out. I would say like a modern day Chloë Sevigny- kind of a downtown New York girl. And she€™s not afraid to wear colors she€™s not afraid to stand out- sophisticated but there€™s some kind of hip twist to it. And also there€™s the vintage inspired edge to it, like with the buttons down the bag and some of the darting. Lee Miller is actually all over the place right now- there was an article about her in The New Yorker, my husband just picked up a book, I saw something else, and I was like €˜wow, she€™s become quite fashionable.€™ I feel like that€™s where I€™ve really been sort of ahead, somebody said of my collection €˜I saw a 2009 trend book and you€™re stuff is totally there.€™

Stylehive: That€™s pretty amazing to hear!
Sweet P: Yeah but it€™s also been a big problem when I€™ve worked at big companies they€™d be like €˜oh I don€™t get it I don€™t get it€™ and then like a year later it€™s the big thing. I just need to find someone who wants to be forward and not following the trend. I saw my review in the Post and it said that I was on par with everything that was going on with the runways during fashion week and I was like €˜Great!€™ We had the same colors, it was the whole sexy secretary thing going on

Stylehive: What€™s next for you?
Sweet P: I have a job interview next week to costume design a dance theater group. I€™m interested in that, I€™ve never done costume design but I think that would be exciting. I am not really sure; I€™m trying to keep my mind really open to a lot of different possibilities. In my past I know two ways: I know having my own business and working like a dog and getting deeper and deeper in debt, or working for some crazy Garmento and them owning your life- and that€™s not what I want either so I€™m trying to keep my mind open to something new, something different, but still obviously in this field.

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