Hot Store: Boule Bakery, Mini Mouthwatering Morsels

by Sabrina Yeung • Jan 3, 2007 1:30 PM PST

Hot Store: Boule Bakery, Mini Mouthwatering Morsels

Mmm, just looking at the pictures of Los Angeles based Boule Bakery makes your mouth water. This upscale bakery, chocolatier and gelateria gives us champagne chocolate truffles, lemon-chiffon marshmallows, savory tarts, blissful pates des fruits and so much more. All these treats are handmade from scratch by Pastry Chef Michelle Myers and her skilled team. If you have a chance to visit the store, you€™ll be welcomed with exquisite confections displayed like gems in a jeweler€™s case within a chic, modern shop. Even the boxes and gorgeous presentation are attractive with it being reminiscent of Tiffany€™s blue packaging. Boule€™s is the perfect place for gifts or for a personal special treat.

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