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by Sabrina Yeung • Jun 13, 2006 1:26 AM PDT

The FIFA World Cup 2006 is here and the soccer (or football) frenzy is heating up. To cater to the crazed World Cup fans around the world, retailers are offering soccer-related goods ranging from apparel to World Cup champagne. UK designer Paul Smith was quick to jump on the World Cup fashion bandwagon with his limited edition soccer series. The gorgeous series includes bold, graphic tees of the teams and beautifully printed leather soccer balls.

Nike, Puma and Adidas, of course, are offering a wide selection of World Cup merchandise to cover you from head to toe. Nike has even started a fictional association with Google called Joga Bonito for their World Cup ad campaign. Cult flip-flop brand Havaianas offer sandals endorsing infamous Brazil. Spanish shoe company Camper has a special-edition sneaker where you can insert the flag of your choice into the side of each shoe. With the stylish goods available, you don€™t even have to be a die-hard fan in order to sport some World Cup flair.

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