Hot Product: Modern Birdhouses' Case Study Masters Series

by tricia royal • Jan 22, 2007 8:59 AM PST
Hot Product: Modern Birdhouses' Case Study Masters Series

Give the beautiful wild birds that visit your yard a thoroughly modern place to roost with one of the birdhouses from Modern Birdhouses' Case Study Masters Series. Each member of this series of three birdhouses are named for J.R. Davidson, Richard Neutra, and Ralph Rapson, three famous architects who were participants in the Case Study Houses Program in 1945. The aforementioned program was launched in 1945 by John Entenza, the maverick editor/publisher of Arts and Architecture magazine, and its aim was to design modern, progressive houses for the huge post-WW2 housing market. These truly mod bird abodes feature sleek, simple lines and quality materials that echo those used by the Case Study architects: the main part of the bird dwelling is handmade using sustainably harvested teak, while their striking roofs are comprised of 1/4" thick aluminum sheeting. Modern Birdhouses have finished each Case Study birdhouse with a special oil that resists water, UV rays, and even mildew, and the fasteners they have utilized combat rust and corrosion, so it is safe to say that your favored feathered pals should have a haute home for years to come.

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